TOP 21 Survival Pick Up Lines

Let’s face it, finding another survival-minded partner isn’t the easiest task in the world.  Sometimes it can feel like trying to start a friction fire with water soaked wood.  Or, like trying to find the one edible cattail in a marsh of poisonous water irises – darn near impossible!

And let’s face it, survival-types aren’t known for being the most socially suave category of people, am I right?  It takes a special person to understand the things that survivalists really get excited about – like composting toilets, stacked and racked food storage, gravity fed water systems, heirloom seeds,  Bug Out drills, wild edibles, household arsenals and the list goes on and on.  You know what I mean.

Well here at Willow Haven, we know a good survival partner not only makes a lot of sense, but also makes life more rewarding.  They aren’t just someone to reload magazines when lead starts flying. They’re a key component to a solid support system.  Consequently, we are extending our survival training to help with this social dilemma.  Don’t worry we’ve got your back!  Hopefully our advice in the skill of approaching a survival minded partner will help.  You won’t, however, be able to use the 2 is 1 and 1 is none philosophy when choosing a survival life partner.  That probably won’t go over so well.

Without further delay, below are the Top 21 Survival Pick Up Lines:

Survival Pick Up Line # 1:

Stop.  Just stop.  You had me at ‘food storage’.

Survival Pick Up Line # 2:

Here.  I brought you a bouquet.  It’s edible.


Survival Pick Up Line # 3:

You know, I’d love to invite you over to my place, but my bunker location is a secret.

Survival Pick Up Line # 4:

Hi.  Let me buy you a drink?  Excuse me bartender, do you take gold?

Survival Pick Up Line # 5:

I’m going to do something really special for our dinner and movie date tonight.  I’m busting out the good stuff – Mountain House and Red Dawn.


Survival Pick Up Line # 6:

I’ll show you my Bug Out Bag if you show me yours.

Survival Pick Up Line # 7:

Girl, without you it’d be TEOTWAWKI for sure.

Survival Pick Up Line # 8:

Is that a Bow Drill Spindle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.


Survival Pick Up Line # 9:

I bet you look beautiful through the amber lens of a gas mask.

Survival Pick Up Line # 10:

Wow, you look hypothermic.  Hurry – let me help regulate your core body temperature!

Survival Pick Up Line # 11:

It’s a good thing you’re naturally beautiful.  All those other chicks are screwed when the grid goes down!

Survival Pick Up Line # 12:

You give the phrase “double tap” a whole new meaning!


Survival Pick Up Line # 13:

Let’s Bug Out from all this noise and head back to my Debris Hut.

Survival Pick Up Line # 14:

Wanna barter some of my heirloom seeds for your organic eggs?


Survival Pick Up Line # 15:

If you were a survival tool you’d be a ferro rod because you’re on FIRE!

Survival Pick Up Line # 16:

DANG!  I need to come out of my bunker more often!

Survival Pick Up Line # 17:

Let’s pretend S already HTF and we’re the only people left.  The human race now depends on us.

Survival Pick Up Line # 18:

You must be magnetic because you’re making my compass needle move!


Survival Pick Up Line # 19:

You’re showing early signs of dehydration.  You’d better let me buy you a drink before it gets serious.

Survival Pick Up Line # 20:

Wanna start a friction fire?

Survival Pick Up Line # 21:

You’re the only person I’ve ever met who’s made me ask myself, “Am I OK with 15 years of food storage instead of 30?”


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Got a good survival pick up line?  We (and thousands of other readers) would love to hear it!  Post in a comment below.

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  1. Kathy Murphy says:

    Hahaha I like the edible bouquet line!

  2. #21 is my favorite! Creek, maybe it’s time to start writing another book?

  3. I’d love to find a guy who uses those pickup lines. Talk about Mr. Right!

  4. “You won’t, however, be able to use the 2 is 1 and 1 is none philosophy when choosing a survival life partner. That probably won’t go over so well.”

    As long as everyone is a consenting adult and there is full disclosure, why limit your options? There are survival minded folk that would consider this a plus.

  5. Debbra W says:


  6. Love it Creek!

  7. Bonnie M Dodds says:

    I've actually heard a few of these 🙂 Too bad there isn't a singles site for survivalists and preppers. It's really hard to find like-minded people, even here in AK.

  8. Mcgee Fio says:


  9. Just curious,are those the bacon candles in the picture?If so,my cat probably got any I made!

  10. Before this page even loaded, I was thinging about a slogan for a shirt that said “Show me your B.O.Bs!” with the picture of a backpack on it. Haha

  11. #11 was a good one, it will be true for many women.

  12. #11 was a good one, it will be true for many women.

  13. Sorry, typo. “Thinking”. There, fixed 🙂

    Actually, maybe a picture of a female holding out 2 backpacks in front of her, or cradling one in each arm.

  14. Funny. Well done.

  15. Prepper King says:

    How about… “Your Bunker or mine?”

  16. Great funny stuff! Especially #2: Here. I brought you a bouquet. It’s edible. Very creative. I give you a thumbs up Creek. You should create more of these pick up lines and make a book out of them. Will definitely share this post to my friends.

  17. haha great ones.

  18. I'd love an edible bouquet.

    But number 14 is just too corny for me.

  19. Jenny Smith says:

    These are great! 🙂

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