Make a Quick and Easy Pillow While Backpacking or Camping

A Guest Blog Post by James Lantz

For many of us, we enjoy backpacking because it brings us out into nature. It gives us a chance to relax and feel at peace without the daily distractions that happen in our lives. We also enjoy backpacking because we like the physical challenge of carrying everything needed for a wilderness trip–cooking, sleeping, cleaning, starting fires in the remote wilderness, and so on. However, for me, the only time I miss the luxuries of home is when I go to bed.

The worst feeling for me is when I go to bed and I realize that I do not have a pillow. Simply, I miss my pillow. It is not ideal to pack your pillow; if you did, there wouldn’t be enough space for your essential items like a sleeping bag or tent. It just wont fit. And to fix this issue, I have learned a simple technique to help add in the comfort of having your home pillow to the camping expereince.

Below are a steps on how to create your pillow while backpacking:

  1. Once you have set up your tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag, take your sleeping bag stuff sack. Turn the stuff sack inside out so that the straps are not exposed. If you don’t, the straps will not feel comfortable when you are trying to sleep.
  2. Select clean clothes that you will not need for the night. Ideally, select the clothes that you will use the next morning. This will help you get out of your tent faster because all your clothes will be ready to go. You can use t-shirts, pants, sweaters, or socks. One of the favorites is a fleece jackets if you have one. They are large enough that they will fill the stuff sack nicely and soft enough that they will feel comfortable.
  3. Fold the clothes nicely and place them into your sleep bag stuff sack. Make sure the stacked clothing is thick enough that you can rest your head on it and feel comfortable.
  4. Close the stuff sack, and it’s ready. The reason to put the clothes in the stuff sack is that it will help keep the clothes together so that they don’t fall out during the night or lose form.

Follow these steps and you will have an easy way to ensure you have a goodnight’s sleep while sleeping under the stars.

James Lantz is an outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about hiking, fishing, and biking. He runs the website, Trip to the Wild, which provides tips and tricks for any outdoor fan no matter if you are a beginner or experienced person.


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