WHO Training Philosophy

It’s not IF, but WHEN

The time to learn survival skills that can save your life is BEFORE you need them – obviously.  At Willow Haven Outdoor, we provide a comfortable and controlled learning environment to practice critical survival skills.  Our entire facility is designed for learning.  From the moment you pass through the WHO gate and onto the property, you will be surrounded with survival information.  Our courses are not designed to just SHOW you, but rather to ENGAGE you.  This is a HANDS-ON learning environment and you will learn through practice and repetition with guided instruction by experts in their skill-sets.  You will appreciate our ‘non-political’ and no-nonsense positive approach to survival and preparedness training.  We focus on what we all have in common – the desire to become more self-reliant.

Do you train for the END OF THE WORLD and the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?

While many of the survival skills we teach can be deployed in either scenario, THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT (TEOTWAWKI) is not why we do what we do.  The fact is that real survival scenarios and real disasters do happen – more often than people might think.  Our goal is prepare you to face these real-life practical scenarios.  Whether stranded from a plane crash or victim of a large scale disaster that might displace you and your family, our goal is to prepare you with practical skills for practical applications and scenarios that are very real in the world we live in.

Pri-Modern Survival Skills

Willow Haven Outdoor teaches what we call a Pri-Modern Survival.  This is a combination of primitive survival skills in a modern world.  We believe in the importance, preservation and practice of primitive survival skills.  However, the fact is that we live in a modern world.  Thus, in addition to learning primitive techniques to meet basic survival needs, we also illustrate how these skills can be applied to a modern world.  All of our classes focus on 6 main core survival skill sets: FIRE, WATER, SHELTER, FOOD, SIGNALING and TOOLS.

Creek Stewart is the Lead Instructor at Willow Haven and is currently taking reservations for several Survival Clinics at Willow Haven Outdoor.

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