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FALL 2013:  See Creek’s Spread in American Survival Guide Magazine: THINK LIKE A VICTOR




October 4th, 2013: Creek discusses how to choose a Survival Knife on WISH-TV 8, Indianapolis



See the full segment here:


September, 2013: Creek’s Spider Web Fish Net Published in Heinemann’s Wonders of Nature Educational Book Series titled Super Silk






September 9th, 2013: Features WillowHavenOutdoor Paracord


See the feature here:


September 5th, 2013: Creek shows how to make your own DIY-MREs on WISH-TV8 IndyStyle



Watch the whole segment at this link:


August 2013:  Check out Creek’s 4-Page Article in LIVING READY Magazine titled SNAG SOME LUNCH: For harvesting small game, nothing beats a survival snare.


If you haven’t picked up a copy of Living Ready Magazine – swing by your local bookstore or visit here:


August 1st, 2013: Creek presents some of his favorite Survival Products on WISH-TV 8 Indianapolis including his favorite .22 Rifle!!


Highlighting Survival Gear with Willow Haven Outdoor


 Summer 2013:  This summer, Creek taught hundreds of Hunger Games Fans how to Survive In The Wild!  Below is just one of many feature articles from towns he visited across the Midwest!




July 28th: Chicago Magzine Picks Willow Haven Outdoor as 1 of 5 Top Summer Trips for Adventure Seekers!



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July 4th, 2013: Creek discussed URBAN SURVIVAL Lighting Options on WISH-TV 8 Indy Style



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Urban Survival Lighting Solutions


June 9th, 2013: Author Stacy Harris writes rave review of Creek’s book “The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide”



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June 2013:  Creek contributes survival tips to American Survival Magazine in article titled MAXIMIZE THE MINIMUM.




June 2013: Creek contributes to Men’s Health Magazine – How to Choose the Perfect Pocket Knife




June 6th, 2013: Creek discusses how COOL Mother Nature is on WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis


Watch the entire episode at this link:

The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

June 6th, 2013: MSN Highlights Willow Haven Outdoor as 1 of only 10 Survival Vacation Destinations in the WORLD!!!



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May 23rd, 2013: Creek’s books take TOP 3 Spots in the Survival Skills Best Sellers Category!




May 22nd, 2013: Creek’s books take 3 of the TOP 10 spots in the Survival Skills Best Sellers Category – #1, #2 and #8




May 2, 2013: Creek & Clint build a Survival Debris Hut LIVE on WISH-TV 8


Creek Stewart, owner of Willow Haven Outdoor shows you how to build and emergency shelter. Plus we take a look his new book The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide.

How and why to build a Debris Hut


SPRING 2013: LivingReady Magazine publishes an article by Creek


Creek’s Condom Survival Tips have officially hit the newsstands nationwide.  LivingReady Magazine published a great spread titled Prophylactic Preparedness highlighting Creek’s tips!  Available now on-line, at Barnes & Noble and at Border bookstores.  For more information about LivingReady Magazine visit:

April 4, 2013: Creek discusses WHY NOT to drink WILD WATER on WISHTV-8

Best case scenario a person can live 3 days without water! That’s not very long in a disaster situation. Survival expert Creek Stewart explains why we should not drink unfiltered/unpurified water in the wild and demos different survival water filters.

Willow Haven Outdoor Talks Survival Water Purification


April 1, 2013: Creek teams up with Catalog Giant The Sportsman’s Guide on a big Bug Out Promotion


RE: Bug Out Bag Event Press Release

The Sportsman's Guide(r) Creating Online Bug Out Bag Essentials Section
For Preppers and Survivalists! 

Sub-head: The Sportsman's Guide is teaming up with survival expert Creek
Stewart, founder of the Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Training Facility.
New vastly expanded selection offers tactical and emergency preparedness
gear for any disaster or event. 

ST. PAUL, MN - Recognized for having the largest selection of military
and government surplus anywhere, The Sportsman's Guide is launching a
new online section made up of emergency and survival surplus gear,
augmented by many new disaster/survival/emergency supplies, for
assembling a wide variety of event-specific Bug Out Bags. 

According to experienced survival instructor Creek Stewart, an effective
Bug Out Bag contains everything required to survive disaster for 72
hours. To that end, The Guide's new section provides items like backpack
and hiking packs, water purifiers, fire starters, MREs and food storage,
emergency first aid kits, survival knives and tools, emergency shelters,
pepper spray, weather radios and other survival supplies grouped into 4
categories...Food, Fire & Water, First Aid & Hygiene, Shelter & Tools
and Self Defense and Communication.  

The company introduced the new "Bug Out!" gear section for preppers in
the April Military HQ catalog, in a 9-page section offering more than 50
items related to emergency preparedness. The selection includes Creek
Stewart's book, Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster
Survival Kit. The first 100 copies of the book sold will be autographed
by the author.

The offerings in the catalog have been supplemented by an expansion of
the selection and categories on the company's website, aimed at making
it easy for customers to assemble the emergency preparedness gear,
clothing and tools that fit their own personal survival, recovery and
comfort strategies.

"Our customers have been requesting more urban and field survival tools
and essentials so they can be prepared for any disaster, situation or
conditions, " said Sportsman's Guide CEO Jay Berlin. "So we've put
together a dynamic selection of gear for the smart survivalist, made up
of items carefully designed to provide relief in the face of adversity,
with survival, recovery and comfort in mind. Without breaking the bank."

The company plans to continue expanding the selection with items that
can be kept close at hand, with easy access, for preparedness

March 18th, 2013: Bloomberg Businessweek Interviews Creek about How to Survive A Cruise Ship Disaster

Are you saying a stranded cruise ship can get apocalyptic?

It may not come to murder, but tensions will be high. “The biggest challenge with being on a cruise ship that’s not moving isn’t surviving Mother Nature,” says Stewart. “It’s surviving being packed on a boat with 4,000 people who are hungry and angry.” He suggests staying isolated from your fellow passengers, if only to avoid the cooped-up hostility and battles for limited supplies.

Read the entire article here:


March7th, 2013: Creek demonstrates how 5 random everyday items COULD save your life.  WISH-TV8

Creek Stewart shows you how everyday items can be used in a sudden and unexpected survival scenario. Some of the items are going to surprise you!  See the video below or directly at this link:

1: Pop Can – show how to make a survival fishing hook from the tab
2: Dental Floss – AMAZING survival cordage and can be used as fishing line, for example
3: Fritos Bag: Excellent fire starting tinder
4: Condom: Unbelievable survival water collection container
5: Bra: Very effective makeshift dust & debris breathing mask

5 everyday items that could save your life

March 4th, 2013: Creek featured on National Television News Show “The List”

Creek Stewart shows Mike Brookbank with The List how to use a busted cell phone to meet basic human survival needs if lost in the woods!  Check it out the video here:


February 7, 2013: Creek Talks about Survival Lessons from Hansel & Gretel: WISH-TV 8 Indianapolis

Survival Lessons


January 3, 2013: Creek shows WISH-TV 8 how to Survive the ‘Physical Cliff’

Check out the full video below or click here for the full article:

Surviving a fall from a Physical Cliff


January 2013: Creek joins WorldNetDaily (WND.COM) as weekly Survival Columnist

“I appreciate WND’s commitment to preserving and protecting that which is at the core to survival: individual freedom and liberty,” Stewart said. “Self-reliant skills deserve a stage in legitimate media, and I am humbled to be that voice at WND.”

Look for Stewart’s latest, “It’s time America redeclared independence,” now and his “Not if, but when” column every Wednesday on WND’s Diversions page.


December, 2012: Creek interviewed about EDIBLE INSECTS by Indiana Green Living

Read the entire article here:

FALL/WINTER 2012: Creek’s book BUILD THE PERFECT BUG OUT BAG featured in AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE as the #1 Best Selling Survival Skills book!


December 19th, 2012: Creek interviewed by WFFT-TV about the potential END OF THE WORLD on Dec. 21, 2012

Watch the FULL 3-Minute video here:


December, 2012: Creek Interviewed on HEALTH WATCH

Click on the following link to watch Creek and other preparedness experts weigh in on preparing for unexpected natural and man-made disasters:


December 6th, 2012: Creek on WISH-TV8 Indy Style

Survival Kit and great gift ideas

Check out Creek Stewart showing how to make a Bottle Survival Kit on WISH-TV8 Indy Style.


December 1, 2012: Creek Interviewed on 21st Century Homekeeper Radio Show

Sylvia Britton, host of 21st Century Homekeeper Radio Talk Show, interviews Creek Stewart about Bugging Out and Bugging In.  You can listen to the interview here:



Who does MEN’S FITNESS call when they need Survival Tips?  Creek Stewart, of course.  Check out this awesome article on-line here:


November, 2012: Creek’s Book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Reaches Amazon Top 100 and takes Rank # 1 and #2 (paperback & kindle) in the Survival Skills Category


October, 2012: GunDigest Magazine Chooses Creek’s Book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag as Editor’s Pick

See Gun Digest’s Editor’s Pick article here:


October 30th, 2012: WIRED.COM Features Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

Like ZOMBIES? thinks you should read Creek’s book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag.  Check out the link here:


October 2012: Backpacker Magazine Features Creek Stewart

Backpacker Magazine features Creek Stewart in October 2012 Issue:


September 26th, 2012: Marika Flatt Travel Blog Feature

Renowned Travel Blogger, Marika Flatt, featured Willow Haven Survival School on her hit blog today as a great travel destination.  Thanks Marika!  Her feature here:


September 6th, 2012: WISH-TV 8


Creek busts out a Split Tip Gig How-To Segment on WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis.  Watch below:

How to make a frog gig


August 22, 2012: MANCOW Radio Show

Creek was a radio quest today on the MANCOW show – a nationally syndicated morning talk show.  Click here for more info:


August 2012 – Indianapolis Monthly Magazine Features Willow Haven Outdoor as a GET SMART Midwest Destination

Indianapolis Monthly Magazine featured Willow Haven Outdoor in their August 2012 issue.  To accompany the video they also filmed a video of Creek demonstrating how to make fire with the Bow Drill.  You can watch that video below:


August 2012 – Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Bureau Selects Willow Haven Outdoor as an Adventure Partner

For more information visit:

August 2nd – WISH-TV Indianapolis

Watch as Creek Stewart discusses how you can incorporate SURVIVAL FASHION ACCESSORIES into your every day wardrobe on WISH-TV 8 Indianapolis.

Survival Fashion Accessories

July 4th – WISH-TV Indianapolis

Creek talks about his FAVORITE Survival topic – TAMPONS!  Watch below as Creek demonstrates 3 ways to use a TAMPON to save your life!

Can a Tampon save your life?:

The full link is here:


July 4th – WGN-TV

Creek Strikes Again on WGN-TV.  Creek discusses some local wild edibles and also stresses the importance of a Bug Out Bag.  Click this link to watch the video:,0,2213263.story


June 19th runs Creek’s new [BUSTED] Cell Phone Survival Post from

June 19th

When the Indianapolis Star want to know how to kill Zombies – who do they call?  CREEK STEWART, of course!  “When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, it’s all about weapons,” Stewart said.

Read the complete article here:|newswell|text||s

June 18th

Creek interviewed on The Ella Speakes Show on KTLR Radio about Survival & Disaster Preparedness.


June 18th

Creek’s Fox & Friends Bug Out Interview featured on Yahoo News!


June 17th

Creek Stewart was interviewed for a special Bug Out Bag segment on the National Show Fox & Friends today in New York City!  Creek shared some great Disaster Preparedness info LIVE for over 2 Million Viewers!  Here’s the link:


June 13th

Willow Haven Outdoor:

Creek was interviewed in TWO segments today on Channel 8 WISH-TV Indianapolis: How to Build a Bug Out Bag & Wild Edibles

Watch the interviews HERE:

June 13th kept it calm when they featured Creek’s Survival Tampon Article today:


June 12th

The DAILY BEAST beasted out a feature for Creek’s Survival Tampon article today:


June 12th

Wow!  JEZEBEL.COM jumped on the Survival Tampon Band-Wagon – Check it out!


June 11th

Tim MacWelch, survival expert for Outdoor Life Magazine, says Creek’s new book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag is realisticcontains legitimate skills and will be helpful to people!

Tim’s review just posted on at :  Check it out!

Below is a quote from the review:

My next question was, “Does the book contain legitimate skills?”

Again, the answer is yes. The author obviously knows his stuff. Many of the skills explained in the book are presented the same way that I teach them. Creek Stewart has been teaching survival roughly the same amount of time that I have—about 15 years—and it shows. His ease in providing explanations and his turn of phrase show a level of experience that cannot be faked.

June 11th

The Bob & Tom Show talked about Creek’s Survival Tampon article on their morning show this morning. Who knew this article would get so much attention!

June 8th, 2012 highlights Creek’s Survival Tampon article on their web-site:

June 8th, 2012

NEATORAMA.COM thought Creek’s Survival Tampon article was so ‘neat’ they featured it!


June 8th, 2012

MSN.COM spreads some of Creek’s Survival Tampon love on their web-site today!  See it here:


June 8th, 2012

The OFFICIAL TAMPAX FACEBOOK page shared Creek’s 10 Survival Tampon uses with 300,000+ TAMPAX Fans!!!


June 8th, 2012 picked up Creek’s Survival Tampon article:


June 8th, 2012

The HUFFINGTON POST runs Creek’s Survival Tampon article: Check it out here:


June 7th, 2012

Creek gives Bug Out Bag presentation a Benchmark Outdoor Outfitters in Cincinnati, OH.


June 7th, 2012

Creek Stewart interviewed by The CW!  He discusses his new book as well as 3 wild edibles featured in the HUNGER GAMES book.


June 4th,2012

Creek featured in News-Sentinel!  Read the full article here:


May 26th, 2012

Jessica of reviews Creek’s new book: Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag:  Read it HERE:


May 25th, 2012

Todd of reviews Creek’s new book: Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag:  Read it HERE:


May 24th, 2012

Bernie of reviews Creek’s new book: Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag:  Read it HERE:

May 23rd, 2012

Lisa of reviews Creek’s new book: Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag:  Read it HERE:


May 21st, 2012

JJ Johnson of reviews Creek’s new book: Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag:  Read it HERE:


May 12th, 2012

Creeks conducts Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville, IN


May 11th, 2012

Creek’s book BUILD THE PERFECT BUG OUT BAG skyrockets to the top of Amazon! ranks Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag book # 290 out of 8,000,000 books!


May 11th 2012

Megasite just picked up the HOW TO BUILD A GET HOME BAG article from today.  It’s been liked by over 480,000 people.  Awesome!


May 10th 2012 posted an article written by Creek today about HOW TO BUILD A GET HOME BAG:  Check it out here:

May 6th, 2012

Creeks conducts Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Bolingbrook, IL


May 5th, 2012

Creek as live guest on ESPN Chicago’s Chauncey’s Great Outdoors

May 5th

Creeks conducts Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag Seminar at Uncle Dan’s The Great Outdoor Store in Chicago, IL

April 9th, 2011

Creek Stewart interviewed by DISCOVERY.COM about some guidelines to building an Urban Bug Out Bag and Urban Get Home Bag.  This can be seen on their site by clicking the image below:

March 15, 2011

Creek Stewart speaks with Mark Cope on the “Going Home Show” on KXYL-FM in Abilene, TX about the importance of building a Bug Out Bag.


November 29, 2011 published an article written by Creek Stewart titled How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife


November 27, 2011

Willow Haven Outdoor SurviVacation Clinics featured on 2011 Holiday Gift Guide


July 2011 published an article written by Creek Stewart title: Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun: Modify Your Pump Shotgun Survival Style


June 2011

Creek appears as Expert Survival Guest on the JJ & Ron Morning Radio Show on the American Family Radio Network to discuss the importance of building a disaster survival kit.


June 2011

Creek Stewart contracted to write book titled Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag – Release Date 5/2012


March 2011 published an article written by Creek Stewart titled How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit




Creek's new survival fiction novel, RUGOSA, now available on!