Turn Your Stainless Nalgene Water Bottle Into a Hunting Tool

As many of you know, I’m a huge proponent of packing at least 1 metal water bottle in your Bug Out Bag.  I switched out my aluminum military style canteen a couple months ago for this Nalgene Stainless Steel Water Bottle.  My only complaint is that is comes with a fabric rope tether between the bottle and the lid.

I’ll often use this bottle to boil water or cook meals and I’m always keeping an eye on that rope tether when it’s near the fire and I’m tired of taking it on and off.  Long story short, I was making a few snares for a mini-kit the other day and it hit me!

Remember the post I wrote about how to make your own homemade small game snares with picture hanging wire?  If not, here’s the link: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/featured-wilderness-survival-blog-entries/how-to-make-a-wire-small-game-snare-for-your-survival-kit/

Using a cable ferrule I was able to make a noose in BOTH ends of an 18″ snare.  The photo below just shows 1 noose.  Make the same noose on the other side.

Now, you have a SMALL GAME SNARE that you can use as your lid tether to your Stainless Nalgene Bottle – or maybe even similar bottle brands.

This wire tether is not only FIRE-PROOF, but it also doubles as a multi-functional small game snare – making better use of space in your kit.  You can quickly remove the noose from the lid and double it up on the bottle and easily hang the bottle from a tripod over a camp fire to boil water or use as a hanging stew pot.  NOTE: Never boil with the lid on.  I actually keep my bottle tethered this way all the time.

So for those of you who use this bottle, consider changing out the rope tether for a more functional and useful wire snare tether.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



  1. Shepherd says:

    Brilliant. Small tweaks for greater versitility! Is the picture wire stainless also or is it galvanized steel?

  2. And I just bought one of these at your store when we were there! Won’t my wife be pleased to see me hacking it already! 🙂 Seriously, gonna do this soon!

  3. Great idea! I'm assuming that the bottle is not double-walled, correct?

    • Creek Stewart says:

      Yes – you are correct – NOT double walled. Though that would make a good BOMB! Good to see you stop by Rick!

  4. Marvin Joseph Morales says:

    how long youre nalgene stainless bottle last?

  5. great idea

  6. I’m always overly-cautious when it comes to using items like this over heat, but now I’m convinced I need to try it. Can you offer any suggestions on intensity/distance? How much heat do you think the bottle can take?

    Thanks, and love the site.

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