7 Awesome Movie Survival Blades

In many movies, the cool knives get more attention than the actors themselves.  I certainly have my favorite survival blades over the years and they all aren’t necessarily knives.  You’re already thinking of some I’m sure.  Below are my TOP 7 SURVIVAL MOVIE BLADES.


# 1: First Blood: Rambo’s Survival Knife


How could this knife not be #1.  RAMBO is synonymous with survival and this knife is basically where the phrase “survival knife” came from.  The design with hollow handle and included mini survival kit was revolutionary at the time and everyone had to have one.  This knife was my first survival knife.  I got a cheaper knock-off version of the authentic movie replica but I was 10 years old and didn’t care.  It was and still is my RAMBO knife.  I still have it.  It’s actually in a shadow box hanging on my wall.  This knife played a big part in my love for survival.  Below is the one I got when I was 10.



The authentic version looks like this.


Here’s a link to a great history of the Rambo knives if you’re interested: http://www.cartertown.com/rambo1.htm


#2 The Edge: The Lockback Folder


I love that this knife isn’t an ‘in your face’ survival knife.  It’s a basic lockback folder.  THE EDGE is one of my favorite movies with a classic survival story; a plane crashes and a group of guys have to survive deep in the bush (while also being hunted by a blood thirsty grizzly).  Even though it’s just a movie, it is a simple reminder that even a basic every day carry pocket knife can make a huge difference in helping to provide basic survival needs.  If you don’t already, consider carrying an every day carry pocket knife.  It just makes good survival sense – you never know!

Want to own a knife just like this?  Here is the guy that made the movie version: http://www.lyttleknives.com/gedgcm.htm


#3: Book of Eli: Wicked Machete


This is definitely on my short list of favorite survival movies.  In my opinion, Eli’s machete is one of the coolest in any movie I’ve watched.  I think, though, that it’s his skill in using it that makes it so cool.  This is the trick with all good blades and weapons, the effectiveness is really in the hands of the one who wields it.  Choose your blade and practice using it.  Skill and effectiveness will soon follow.  That’s where the admirable stuff comes from.  Anyone can buy a knife.

The Book of Eli movie image Denzel Washington



#4: Rambo First Blood Part II: Rambo’s Push Daggers


These daggers are often overlooked when discussing Rambo blades but these little suckers were critical in getting him out of mess.  He used them to lay waste to an entire boat full of bad guys.  Having back up blades on our person ‘just in case’ is a great idea.  There are so many concealable and comfortable options these days.  There is really no reason to ever be unarmed.  I love these blades and this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole Rambo series.


#5: The Patriot: Tomahawk


Ok, there is nothing cooler than accurately throwing a tomahawk.  That is just flat out awesome.  This scene where Mel takes out an entire mess of redcoats is gory but his use of the tomahawk is beyond impressive.  It’s no wonder why natives used them so extensively.  This is one of the few ‘tools’ that also doubles as an incredibly awesome looking weapon.  I was at the Blade Show in GA a couple years ago and met two brothers who make some of the coolest tomahawks I’ve ever had the honor of holding.  If you’re looking for a sweet hawk you have to check them out: http://www.2hawks.net/.


#6: The Hunted: Tom Brown Tracker Knife


Benicio Del Toro uses this knife like a beast in the movie THE HUNTED.  Most people either love or hate this knife.  I like it.  The movie made it famous but I appreciate the unique design regardless.  It’s hard to design a new and unique knife and I think Mr. Brown did a great job keeping it simple and functional.  It’s definitely different.  I also like that it’s designed by a survival instructor.  It actually comes with a manual that describes the many ways one can use it.  Here is a link to the instruction manual if you’re curious: http://topsknives.com/pdf/topsknives_tracker_instructions.pdf.  It’s made by TOPS and some more photos can be found here: http://www.topsknives.com/product_info.php?products_id=155


#7: Crocodile Dundee: Dundee’s Bowie Knife


Chuckle.  “That’s not a knife… this is a knife.”  You know you’ve said it!  This is one of the most famous movie quotes in the history of television.  I remember when you could carry knives like that.  Now, people look at you like you’ve got a bomb strapped to your forehead.  That fact still doesn’t sway my love for a good well-made classic bowie knife.  Though he made this knife style famous, they have the reputation to back it up.



I’m sure there are plenty of other great movie survival knives out there.  Which ones am I missing?  What are your favorites?  Have you ever bought a movie replica knife?

Remember, it’s not IF but when,



  1. Chris Williams says:

    I ask for the same Rambo knife for Christmas that year. Problem was I knew what it was. So Mom, as Mom will do, waited until Christmas eve and swaped out the knife with school pencils! I had to wait until June to get my knife! I wish I had a pic of my face Christmas morning when I came running down to that box, ripping it open, knowing what(I thought) it was! AND………PENCILS!!!!! Well played Mom, well played!

  2. I love the m48 tomahawks used in “catching fire”!!! I mean, honestly, all of those blades look amazing! the look more like art than tools or weapons.

  3. Great movie survival knives? Are we including TV here?

    In the movie sphere I think that all four Rambo knives were fantastic. I own all four, and I absolutely love them! Ironically, of all for Rambo knives, it was the butt ugly hand forged machete in part 4, “Rambo”, that is probably the most practical of the bunch. Still, the hollow handle survival knife is one of the most iconic knives ever, and thanks to Chris Reeves and Schrade Knives you can get a hollow handle survival knife that is actually a good knife! (Although I really, really wish Schrade would make the SCHF-1 & SCHF-2 without those damned serrations!!!) I have the Schrade SCHF-2 & SCHF-2SM in my collection. They’re good knives, and I like being able to keep an emergency fire kit in the water tight handle.

    Two other great movie knives are the Bowie knife and the Arkansas Toothpick from “The Expendables” and “The Expendables II”. Those are absolutely beautiful knives!

    When it comes to TV shows there is one knife that really stands out to me, MacGyver’s Swiss Army Knife. As a child in the 80’s I had the feeling that if I had Rambo’s survival knife and MacGyver’s Swiss Army Knife I could survive anything anywhere!

  4. John McKinlay says:

    I too had a knock off version of the First Blood knife. I loved that movie growing up. Really impacted me.

    I agree that if you include T.V. then the Swiss Army Knife wins hands down. I loved MacGyver. When I was younger, I begged my dad to buy me “The Scientist” for my 15th birthday. In my early twenties, I foolishly gave it to a friend. (I was into a weird give all my stuff away phase). Now at 41, I wanted to have it again and could not find it anywhere. Then I learned it is one of the rarest Swiss Army Knives ever made. I finally found a brand new one on ebay from Germany. Ended up costing me $160. Memories it brought back are priceless!

    • I had to look that one up because I had never heard of it before. Congratulations on getting another one! There are a couple of Boy Scout models from my youth that I wish I still had. (I had a bad habit of losing pocket knives when I was younger!) These days I carry either a Swisschamp Utility Knife or a Workchamp on an almost daily basis, and I don’t lose my knives anymore!

    • My dad had one of those knock off Rambo knives when I was a kid. (Actually he still has it.) It was one of the better quality versions with the aluminum handle instead of plastic, but it was and is still a piece of junk. Be that as it may I wanted one desperately, but I never got one.

      These days I have all four of the collector knives, and I occasionally carry a really good hollow-handle ‘survival knife’ in the field, a Schrade SCHF-2SM “Extreme Survival Knife”. It’s based on a custom knife design by Chris Reeves. It doesn’t have the saw back like Rambo’s knife did, and the 5″ blade on the SM model is a bit short. (I’d prefer to carry the standard 7″ SCHF-2 if it didn’t have those damn serrations on the blade! I HATE those things!!!) The really great thing about it is that both the blade and the handle are made from a single piece of drop forged 1070 high carbon steel, and it’s about as tough as a railroad spike! In fact you could probably use it as a railroad spike! The handle ain’t breaking off of this one guys! I did have to wrap the handle with Wilson Tennis Racket Wrap to make it comfortable to use though. (Being made of a single piece of steel it transfers shock directly into the user’s hand; the Wilson handle wrap mitigates that to a great degree and makes the knife far more comfortable to use.) I also immediately ditched the stupid bit set that Schrade packs into the water-tight handle compartment from the factory and replaced it with an emergency fire kit, something that’s a great deal more useful on a “survival knife”. I also dropped in a couple fish hooks, sinkers and a button compass just because. It really is a great knife, and it really brings back memories of my childhood Rambo fantasies. In fact the only complaint I can make about it is that it is a tad heavy, but that’s OK. The cool factor, the nostalgia and, most importantly, always having dry tinder and the ability to make a fire are worth it!

      • John McKinlay says:

        Do you have an opinion on the Schrade F22? I really like Tanto blades. It’s a hollow handled boot knife.

      • I’ve never had an opportunity to handle that one. I would think that it’d be built the same way as the other single piece knives in the line though, which means extremely tough, and it’s still made of high carbon steel. My only concerns are that it might be a tad heavy for a boot knife, and I’m not sure how useful the hollow handle would be on a knife that small. You could probably still get a couple of fish hooks and some dry tinder inside though, or some matches, or some extra cash for emergencies.

        Personally though, I say if you like it buy it! Sometimes just the fact that it’s a cool looking & well made knife is more than enough reason to get one!!!

  5. No6 is insane. I have one for myself and i’m more that satisfied

  6. John McKinlay says:

    Thanks Creek! I just watched The Edge again. Haven’t seen it since it came out. I forgot how good it is.

  7. Stephen Landers says:

    Here is someone’s list of their top 15 favorite movie knife scenes with video for your enjoyment.
    They include Gangs of New York, Desperado, The Long Riders, Under Siege, and Kick Ass.

  8. Stephen Landers says:

    Be sure to view the knife fight scene in Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen in the buff in a Turkish bathhouse against two Russian thugs using hawk-billed linoleum knives. It would make any “top-ten” list.

    • That was a good scene. Although if I’m going to watch someone fight naked I’d prefer it be Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow, but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

  9. Pierce Brosnan’s bowie in “Seraphim Falls”was a good one.

    • I just thought of another one. Sam Elliot, playing Tell Sackett, carried a huge Arkansas Toothpic in the TV movie adaptation of Louis L’Amour’s “The Sacketts”. It’s the one that he carried on a bandoleer under his poncho and used to shave off the mustache of that guy in the bar. It was a really cool knife.

  10. You left out perhaps one of the coolest survival knives of all time Creek?

    That big, grand knife that Billy had in the movie Predator, when he went after the alien (Unsuccessfully) at the end of the movie.

    I searched for that knife for years, and saw that recently Budk was carrying it.

    Funny thing though? It’s not as cool as I remember it looking in that movie?

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