Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Chronicles: Oh no he didn’t! : Series Post #4

Oh yes I did!  My apologies in advance to all of you BOV Purists out there – I had to do it.  I just couldn’t stop myself.  I know, I know… the original bad paint job would have blended better in a crowd of vehicles over the camo.  But trust me, this thing isn’t going to blend in after I’m done with it anyway.  For those of you who need a reminder what the truck looked like prior to this step then here are a few photos below.  The first is when I first got it.  The second is after a few exterior upgrades.  The third is how it looks during this post.






Keep in mind that the photos below are still a work in progress.  This is not the finished truck by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, this new camo pattern isn’t even done yet.  There is an entire other layer that goes on next.  I’ll give away a hint at the end about that.  I decided to go with a vinyl wrap for the camo.  I paid a little extra for a matte overlaminate to reduce glare.  I’ve always liked the desert camo colors so decided to go with a color scheme in this family.  I also decided to go with a big chunky pattern.  Everything about this truck is big and chunky so the new camo feels right at home.  Oh, and I mounted a tire to the Warrior Products spare tire mount.  A tire shop down the street had this one laying around and I picked it up for just a few bucks.  They were glad to get rid of it.  Again, I painted the rim with black grill paint.

Below is a photo series of the exterior updates…


















Don’t forget, I still have the matte black bed cap that goes on back.  Below are a couple photos to tease the next phase.  HINT:  These are matte black vinyl decals I hand cut myself.




Let me know what you think.  I’ll keep the updates coming.  I wish everyone an amazing New Year.  As for me – I better get this thing ready!!!  This could be the year of the Great Bug Out.

Remember, friends, it’s not IF but WHEN!



  1. It looks to green there for dessert cami. lol

  2. Blending in is overrated!

  3. Ty Gladden says:

    Took me a while… but I finally spotted your truck in those pictures!

  4. I'm in agreement with Manny… you need to put in some greens if you plan to be cammo'd in this country!

  5. A red 67 beetle no back seat and mud tires (nobody even thinks bug out)

  6. Gino Schafer says:

    Cool truck. But I'm not sure how those tires will perform in snow, unless you get them siped. I had some similar on my '89 landcrusier and they were dangerous on snowy roads. I ended up dumping the swampers for some GY wranglers and the performance increase was significant on snow and ice, and well as improved gas mileage. And when you are talking the difference between 8 mpg and 12 mpg, its significant. Of course I live in Michigan so maybe snow isn't an issue for you. Unless of course you choose to head north when the SHTF!

  7. If you are hold up in the woods during the apocalypse then camouflage is just the ticket. But if at some point you need to return to the city in a ‘turned to looting’ situation, nothing says “truck full-o-guns-n-ammo” more than a camo paint job. To me, nothing beats a full matte black or matte grey or simple white paint job. Personally, I own a white E-250 van that I can currently drive and park just about anywhere without hassle; It just blends in plain sight.

  8. I’m really loving these updates, Creek. I found a similar truck on eBay that was in great shape, but I’m not in a position to purchase one yet, let alone deck it out as needed.

    I also appreciate your approachable style of writing–you seem like the kind of guy who could help anyone, regardless of religious or political beliefs.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. I’m loving your series post and it’s very interesting to read. Hope to see more.

  10. Creek,

    I'm jealous! I've been looking at picking up a CUCV and doing something similar but I don't have nearly the vision for this type of project. Thanks for the ideas!

  11. Isaac H-w says:

    I didn't realize that your BOL was in Cairo, Creek.

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