Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Chronicles: Creek’s Project BOV Truck: Series Post #2

Anyone wondering what I’ve been doing to the BOV????  Well… here’s another update.

I found a Truck Cap

I bought a really nice black aluminum truck cap on craigslist for $200  It’s got locking side doors and locking back barn doors with metal mesh across the inside of the windows.  It’s rock solid and it has a nice roof rack which I will put to use later.  I plan on adding an extra locking pad-lock latch to each door.




I put it on the truck and it fits like a glove.  I think the truck looks more beefy with it on so I’m really pleased with the look.  I still need to remove the tailgate but that’s an easy fix.


cap-angle cap-back


 The beauty of high heat grill paint

I picked up some standard BBQ grill spray paint at the local hardware store and went to work on the cap.  I’m not so fond of the glossy black paint on the truck cap.




After me and some buddies taped off the windows we had the cap painted in just a few hours.  Definitely more BOV style.




That put me in the mood to do some more spray painting so I decided to touch up all the accents on the truck like the handles, mirrors, bumpers and brush guard.  Before I did this I sanded everything down really good and went ahead and sanded down all the crusty spots on the truck paint as well.  I’ve got some ideas for this but we’ll get to this in a future post.

I also welded on a sweet SPARE TIRE mount from my friends over at WARRIOR PRODUCTS.  This is the one I chose: http://www.warriorproducts.com/catalog-new/product-category/rack-systems/spare-tire-mount/  I can’t wait to mount a big fat tire on the front of that brush guard.








 My new Boots Arrived

Well, sortof.  New boots for the truck at least.  I upgraded the tires to some FREAKING AWESOME Super Swampers from INTERCO TIRE CORPORATION: http://www.intercotire.com/.  Holy tires Batman – these things are incredible.



I picked up some old rims on craigslist and spray painted them with the black grill paint as well.  I loaded up the tires and went to the local tire shop as fast as possible.  Luckily I got that hernia fixed.




 Closing shots

So here’s what she looks like so far (without the cap).  Definitely coming together.  I can’t wait to show you my ideas for the paint.  I know… I know… I should leave it alone and blend in.  But you know just as well as I do that it would be boring.  I’ve got to give you some eye candy so give me a break.







 Keeping it Real

As a special touch and to really it make it feel like my BOV, I added a reminder above the seat inside that I thought you’d appreciate.



 Hit me

Ok, so tell me your thoughts.  THE WINCH IS COMING – I PROMISE!!!

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



  1. Wow! Its coming together nicely Creek . I really like the tires

  2. Creek Stewart says:

    Thanks Steve.

  3. Muito bom, gostei!:)

  4. Marcus Healy says:

    This is great. I wish I could do the same thing.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Cool tuck. Regular winch from harbor freight should work pretty good

  7. Nice looking truck!

  8. Steven Peyton says:

    I would like to recommend a nice pair of bucket seats for the truck and then it gives you plenty of room to install some sort of custom center console. that could include a gun mounting device to mount 2 long guns an a pistol or two. then you have plenty of space to mount all of your Comms equipment in there as well.

  9. Great truck, and that is a sweet cap for only $200!

    If you don't mind I thought I might pass on some unsolicited advice about some of your upgrades. I have some experience with driving that model of GM 4×4 trucks on & off road as well as just 4×4's in general. Concerning winches, you should really stick to Warn, Ramsey & Superwinch, with a very strong nod going to Warn. I've seen more than few of the off brand winches fail under use, but Warn winches (even the value series Warns) always seem to do their job. For a fullsize pickup, especially one that is likely to be heavily loaded with supplies & equipment, you should really go for at least a 12,000lb model.

    In regards to the Super Swamper TSL's, they are awesome off road tires! However they have a major weakness on the road: ice & snow! I would even go so far as to say that they're dangerous on snowy & icy roads, especially if there is a locker in that rear axle, and, given that it's a military truck, there very likely is. But there is a solution to that problem, and better yet it's affordable & won't detract from the tires' offroad capabilities. It's called siping. Discount Tire and many other tire dealers can do it for you, and it will make worlds of difference on snowy & icy roads, wet roads too for that matter. There are also claims that siping extends tread life. I don't know about that, but I've experienced the difference siping mud terrain tires makes when driving on snowy & icy roads first hand. It's worth every penny and then some!

    You probably already knew this stuff, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Hope it helps!

  10. Great Job I just started working on mine about a month ago

  11. Creek Stewart says:

    Definitely need to get SIPED!

  12. Creek Stewart says:

    That's an awesome idea – definitely going to try to fit this into the budget – might even be able to find some at the junk yard.

  13. Creek Stewart says:

    Keep me posted!

  14. Creek Stewart says:

    Marcus – I'll spend the $$ and we can all learn the lessons!

  15. Your BOV is coming along “Great” thanks for the pictures ,Etc
    keeb in southern,va.

  16. Man the truck is looking good. Then the topper you put on is great. I would add two more locks on the back door and mame the doors stronger with sone flat cold rolled steel at the locking positions. I have saw these pryed open. But then with bucket seats with a console in between for comms.

    Are you a ham operator? Then get the antenna from a hummer that a tunner would tune from 3.000.00 mhz to 50 mhz.
    Would be a real rolling BUG OUT COMMAND TRUCK.


  17. Bad to the bone Creek!

  18. Gino Schafer says:

    Siping will NOT help enough to make these tires safe on ice and snow. Been there done that. It will only help marginally.

  19. Jarret Kaufman says:

    Love it!

  20. How good is the motor and trans. Without these the truck looks great but stays home.

  21. Chris Johnson says:

    These BOV posts are fantastic, can’t wait to pick up the book

  22. Dave Seitz says:

    For bucket seats and want some comfort, stay away from the thin padded race seats, look at convertable seats with seat belts built in. Check for heated/cooled seats for more comfort with the fast forward slide tracks. Overhead consoles and A pillar pods provide more storage space and gauges for engine. Remember diesels need sulfur as lube and low sulfur fuel now is hard on a diesel engine of old. Vintage Air does make an aftermarket A/C unit if you want it. Small diesel welders also are generators for 120-220 voltage that can use the trucks fuel. Small diaphram air pumps come in handy for reinflating tires for road larger tubes along the frame rails can act as air tanks.

  23. Gino Schafer I've never had any 1st hand experience with Interco's Super Swampers, but I have had a couple of sets of other mud terrain tires siped. The difference was very noticeable! Siping won't turn mud tires into snow tires by any means, but in my experience it helps quite a lot.

  24. Dcaptd Blazer says:

    The motor is a tank and hard to kill unless your dumb. The trans is a different story, check if it is still running a 700R4. If it is have a trans guy check it for upgrades- It can be almost bullet proof with upgrades but Very lacking factory stock. Find the rite shop the upgrade should run between 500-1000 depending on amount of work you do yourself.

  25. Creek, I’ve been following this and love it! I’ve met you once with my son at a local Boyscout event. We’re not that far from your place.

    I have to respectfully disagree with Dc Blazer. That motor is not bulletproof although tough and the truck does not have the 700r4, but the TH400 which is bulletproof (but a servicing is always recommended).

    Excessive heat can kill that 6.2l diesel and putting that spare tire in front of the radiator might cause problems. I’d just keep an eye on the temp gauge (install a good aftermarket one cheap) during the summer months and see how she does. Can you not locate the spare tire between the rear axle and bumper?

    I’m considering a similar project, I’ve had many old chevy trucks (my Dad is an ASE master tech) so I’m very familiar with them. I just sold a 1970 K20 350 4×4 and think of getting a CUCV and then swapping it out to a small block gas motor. Reason being simple to work on, very reliable, always start, very cheap to fix and parts everywhere. I can’t say the same for that 6.2l. Oh, and again, I wouldn’t go with a Harbor Freight winch, remember you get what you pay for. Check military surplus again and see if you can find one.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, love the project!

  26. Jason Sanford says:

    The seats from any of the K5 Blazer's (all years) should work as long as you get the mounting brackets and all. You may have to drill a couple holes.

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