Creek Stewart: Survival Expert

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My name is Creek Stewart.  I founded Willow Haven Outdoor.

My philosophy at Willow Haven Outdoor is very simple.  Create something amazing and people will come.

I’ve studied and practiced survival from a young age.  My experience comes from 1000’s of hours in the field practicing the skills I teach.  I teach from experience, not books.  I am a student of survival and self-reliance myself.  I don’t claim to know everything.  I am constantly learning – a necessary quality of any worthy teacher.

Willow Haven Outdoor is the culmination of the last 15 years of my professional life.  All of my life experiences in survival, business, and customer service have led me to this point.  Willow Haven is one of the most unique Survival Facilities in the world and I look forward to training with you here in the near future.

Soon after I published my 1st Survival Manual, I conducted my first Survival Clinic at the age of 21.


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15 Years later, I now own a fully functional Survival Training Facility – Willow Haven Outdoor.  Our 10,000 sq. ft. Willow Haven Lodge sits on an amazing 21 acres in Central Indiana.

Creek teaching Bug Out Bag Seminar at Bass Pro Shops

Creek teaching Bug Out Bag Seminar at Bass Pro Shops

Whether you are new to the idea of studying survival or have years of experience, there is a place for you here at Willow Haven.  Browse our course offerings and make a plan to invest in yourself and your family this year at one of the premier Survival Schools in the world – Willow Haven Outdoor.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,

Creek Stewart


Visit Creek’s personal web-site here:

Creek’s Brief Survival Resume

CR///EK Stewart is a survival expert who has honed his survival skills through his lifelong study of outdoor living and thousands of hours in the field. He started leading survival skills courses at the age of 21, and is the owner and founder of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Training School, located in Central Indiana. In 2013, Willow Haven was named one of the “5 Top Adventure Trips in the US” by Chicago Magazine and one of the “Top 10 Survival Schools” by MSN Travel.

In 2014, CR///EK became the host of the original series, Fat Guys in the Woods, on The Weather Channel. In every episode of Fat Guys in the Woods, CR///EK brings three average Joes back to the woods to survive for a week with only one objective: to teach them the skills that make a man, a man.

CR///EK has been featured as a guest survival expert in outlets including TODAY Show, INSIDE Edition, The Drs TV Show, The Weather Channel, Fox & Friends, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Outdoor Life Magazine, WGN-TV, WISH-TV 8, Living Ready Magazine, American Survival Guide,, Huffington Post, MSN News, Lifehacker, and The Daily Beast, as well as numerous radio and other online outlets.

In addition, CR///EK is a published author with seven books under his belt. His first book, Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit, continues to be an best-selling title. His other books include The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide, Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle, Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills, SURVIVAL HACKS, and 365 Essential Survival Skills.  RUGOSA, CR///EK’s first full length fiction survival novel is also slated for release in 2017.

In 2015, CR///EK was presented with the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) by the Boy Scouts of America.  The NOESA is a prestigious recognition granted to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level.

CR///EK is currently the Lead Trainer for the new national survival competition series, Escape the Woods, found at  CR///EK is also the founder and curator of APOCABOX, a subscription based survival box found at


Creek's new survival fiction novel, RUGOSA, now available on!