BUG OUT: An Interview with Creek Stewart

So you’ve heard the phrase “BUG OUT” and you want to know more? 

The interview below with Creek Stewart will help get you started in your BUG OUT education.

Tammy-Reporter:  Creek, thanks for meeting with me today.
Creek: No problem Tammy, it’s my pleasure.
Tammy-Reporter:  As you know, I’m here today to discuss this disaster buzz phrase we are hearing so much about – BUGGING OUT.  It seems every time I listen to the news or read the paper someone drops this type of terminology.  What exactly is BUGGING OUT?
Creek:  Well…BUGGING OUT is a term related to disasters – whether they be natural or man-made.  When a disaster strikes your area, your city or your home, sometimes the safest decision is to leave.  BUGGING OUT refers to the decision to leave your home for a safer destination during or before a disaster emergency.
Tammy-Reporter:  Do you have any examples of when someone might have to BUG OUT?
Creek:  Just turn on the 5 o’clock news Tammy.  You’re in the news business.  You see the headlines everyday.  We’ve had a very rough spring here in the US when is comes to large scale disasters.  Just this spring alone we’ve had many areas of our country completely devastated by floods, wild-fires and record breaking tornadoes.  In Joplin, MO, for example, tornadoes completely leveled that city.  Flooding has driven 1000’s of people from their homes in the south due to heavy spring rainfall.  And, hurricane season is just beginning.  Whether they’ve been prepared for it or not, tens of thousands of American have had to BUG OUT already this spring.
Tammy-Reporter:  What do you mean by ‘whether they are prepared for it or not’?  Are you suggesting that people can prepare for disasters?
Creek:  That’s exactly what I am suggesting.  Don’t get me wrong…you can’t control when or how hard a disaster will strike, but you can control how well you are prepared to deal with it if one does strike your home.  You can have plans and supplies in place to increase your odds of survival and help make your transition back to normal easier.
Tammy-Reporter: What do you mean by ‘BACK TO NORMAL’?
Creek: When a large scale disaster strikes, chaos is the new normal.  Everything we’ve come to depend on goes OFF-GRID and…
Tammy-Reporter:  Sorry to interrupt Creek but what is OFF-GRID?  I just want to make sure our readers completely understand ALL of the terminology here.
…more to come…

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