DIY: Make a Romantic Bacon Scented Survival Candle

Hey all of you bacon fanatics, did you know you can enjoy your bacon even after the meal is over?  That’s right!  Keep reading for a quick tutorial on how to make a Bacon Grease Survival Candle.

When you fry bacon, the resulting grease is nothing more than rendered pork fat.  A common word for rendered animal fat is ‘TALLOW”.  The word LARD is most often used for rendered pig fat.  Tallow can be used for all kinds of things, including a wax-like fuel for homemade candles.  Tallow can also be used for making pemmican, as a waterproofing agent and also as a lubricant.  It also makes an excellent bait for attracting animals.

After you’ve fried a big skillet of bacon, pour the grease into a jar.  You can filter it if you want but I’ve found it works just as well unfiltered.  The little bacon bits aren’t going to hurt anything.

BE CAREFUL!  Hot bacon grease will burn you – so take it easy.  As the bacon grease cools it will solidify.  Before it goes solid you will want to drop in a natural fiber wick.  I use cotton twine for all of my wicks, but a little strip of cotton t-shirt will work equally as well.  Got a mop?  Mop heads are typically made of cotton fibers and make perfect wicks.  You can pick up a replacement mop head at the dollar store for $1 and have all the wicks you’ll ever need.  I had a bunch of tampon strings left over from my SURVIVAL TAMPON post so I just used one of those for this candle :).

I used a tooth pick to suspend the wick in the bacon grease until it turned solid.  5 minutes in the fridge and it’s ready to go, otherwise you’re looking at a half hour or so.

THAT’S IT!  It’s really that easy.


Now, just sit back with your favorite book and enjoy the subtle faint aroma of the best smell on Earth – BACON!


In a wilderness survival scenario you can easily make a camp candle using a mussel shell or make-shift clay bowl.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



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