The 9 Most Awesome MOVIE Bug Out Vehicles of All Time

There’s nothing I love more than a good BUG OUT movie truck.  Below is a collection of some of my favorite movie vehicles that I’d take on a BUG OUT any day of the week.  I’m sure I missed some, so please add your own favorites in the comments section below!

Here they are in no particular order:

MOVIE: Red Dawn (the original)

VEHICLE: 1978 Chevrolet K10 Cheyenne

WOLVERINES!!!!  Need I say more.  I still vow to buy a 78 Cheyenne one of these days.  Nothing says BUG OUT like Swayze tearing through the mountains of Colorado in this awesome K10.  I loved this truck when I first saw Red Dawn in the 80’s and I love it now.


MOVIE: Dante’s Peak

VEHICLE: 1987 Chevrolet Suburban

I’d say an erupting Volcano is a pretty solid reason to BUG OUT, wouldn’t you?  I love the snorkel on this red beast.  I vowed during the Big Auto Bail Outs to only ever buy Ford vehicles, but this truck would almost convince me to go back on my word.  Maybe I can buy pre-2008 Chevys.  I’ll have to think about that one.  This truck is the only reason to ever watch Dante’s Peak!


MOVIE: Tremors

VEHICLE: 1963 Jeep Gladiator J20

Hunting and killing large man-eating grub worms was my 2nd pick only to SURVIVAL INSTRUCTOR when it came to my choice of careers.  And, there’s nothing I’d rather do it in than this sweet piece of BOV.  I just love that side mount fire extinguisher and you can’t even buy that cool of a paint job.  I freakin’ love this truck.


MOVIE: First Blood

VEHICLE: 1982 Yamaha XT 250

I wanted a dirt bike for years after watching Rambo tear through creeks and fields running from the law on this 250.  It wasn’t until later in life that I really began to appreciate the BUG OUT properties of a dirt bike: gas mileage, maneuverability, off-road capability, price and the list goes on and on.


MOVIE: Transformers

VEHICLE: 2007 GMC Topkick C4500

A picture speaks 1000 words.  Ironhide’s massive weapons arsenal aside, this truck is still a beast!  Originally designed as a platform for dump trucks and buses, power isn’t an issue with this truck.  You can probably pull your house OUT OF DODGE as well with this monster.  And, you can see over the miles of backed up traffic in front of you with how high this thing sits off the ground.  This way you can judge how many cars you have to drive over to get to your destination.  ROLL ON!


MOVIE: Batman Begins

VEHICLE: The Tumbler

As far as desired BUG OUT features go, I don’t think you can beat Batman’s Tumbler.  It climbs walls and shoot missiles for peat’s sake.  And, it has a built in motorcycle.  There’s hardly a Bug Out Scenario to compete with the havoc that Gotham has experienced so this vehicle is a proven winner.  I need to go to my local Tumbler dealer and see how much these cost.  I wonder if it comes in Woodland Camo?


MOVIE: Walking Tall

VEHICLE: 1987 Ford F-150

I’m a FORD guy and this truck speaks to my soul.  It says “Come on, hop in.  I’ll gladly take you to your BOL.”  Lifted just enough to be completely cool and rolling on 35 inch tires this truck means business.  It’s not flashy, but it sure would be functional when it comes to getting you through a hell-storm on the way outta dodge.  I will own this truck before I die.



VEHICLE: Bay Thoroughbred Horse

Don’t laugh just yet.  Though only 1 horse power, this vehicle can probably out perform all of the others listed.  It can go almost anywhere – on or off road.  It runs on renewable energy – grass.  You can burn it’s poop for fuel.  This horse is a survivor and certainly has the strength to haul you and your measly 45 pound Bug Out Bag for many many miles.  HOOAH!


MOVIE: Back To The Future

VEHICLE: 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5

Off-road lights.  Sweet brush guard. Lifted.  Pretty good gas mileage.  What more can you ask for in a BOV? Though the DeLorean Time Travel car in the movie might get you out of dodge quicker, it needs a long straight path and you may not get that in the midst of a disaster Bug Out.  This little SR5 doesn’t care if the path is straight, or smooth.  It can probably handle about anything you throw at it.  Sign me up – I’m a believer.


Well, that’s the list.  Is your favorite MOVIE BUG OUT VEHICLE in this list?  What did I miss?

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,




MOVIE: Dawn of the Dead

VEHICLE: 2002 Ford E-350 Modified Mall Bus

James (from the comments below) is right!  No MOVIE BUG OUT vehicle list would be complete without the mention of a ZOMBIE FLICK.  The modified Ford E-350 Zombie Killing Buses in Dawn of the Dead definitely make the list!  If the Zombie Apocalypse hits, I want one of these suckers.  I’ll take the one with the Zombie Plow, please.



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