The Bahco Laplander: The Folding Saw I’ve Used for Survival & Bushcraft for Over 10 Years

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of survival & bushcraft or you’ve been at it for years, it takes time to figure out what your set of “go to” tools will be. I’m often asked what tools I like, use , and recommend. Recently, I’ve been getting a surprising number of email about folding saws. I’m writing this post in response to those questions and in hopes to help anyone else who may be searching Google about the subject.

Sometimes, I’ve used a product so long that I just assume everyone already knows about it. The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is one of those products. Of all available tools, I use the following the most (in this order):

  • A Knife
  • A Folding Saw (The Bahco Laplander)
  • A Bow Saw (A 36″ Bahco)
  • A 20″ Axe
My Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

At under $25 on Amazon Prime at the time of this writing, this is undoubtedly one of the best purchases I have ever made when it comes to tools I use in the woods. Folded, it’s 9-inches. With the blade open, it’s 16-inches. It’s small enough to keep in my day pack and large enough to take down 3 to 4-inch diameter limbs or saplings with ease.

The Bahco has a 7-inch blade.

Unlike many folding saws I’ve used, it has a locking button for both opening and closing the blade. This is a feature I’ve grown to appreciate. Although the blade is very durable, extra ones are available on Amazon as well just in case you bend one. At least you don’t have to buy an entire saw to replace it. I’ve bent a few blades in my day and I’ve been able to cut them down and repurpose them into smaller EDC kits.

Lock Button Release & Screw to Remove Blade if Necessary

It has a rubber grip, which is great for inclement weather, and also a lanyard hole that comes with a leather cord loop. Before I had a custom leather sheath made (see photo below), I kept my Bahco in an outside pocket on my day pack and used a carabiner to clip through the leather loop and a MOLLE loop so I wouldn’t lose it.

Lanyard Hole and Leather Loop

I have other folding saws and I use them, but none as much as the Bahco Laplander. I forget where I heard about it, but I would have been using this saw much more than 10 years if I would have known about it sooner.

Custom Leather Sheath From Shankle Homestead Leatherworks

Now, I keep my Bahco on my hip, just behind my knife when I head into the woods. Jim Shankle (@shanklehomesteadleatherworks on INSTAGRAM) made it for me. He’s been to several of my courses and I know him personally. Besides, I like the unique wood-like finish he does on his leather. The double snap belt loop is extra secure, but you can take off the rig without removing your belt and I love that! If you have a Bahco and don’t yet have a sheath, I’d highly recommend him. Tell him Creek sent you! It’s always nice to refer someone who has taken one of my courses!

Bahco in hand for size.

In the comments, let me know what saw you use or your thoughts on the Bahco if you have one? I’ve included the PRIME link below if you want to pick one up!

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


Creek Stewart is the Owner & Lead Instructor at Willow Haven Outdoor Survival School located in Central Indiana & online at


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