Most everyone knows that dryer lint makes excellent Fire Tinder.   In not-so-perfect conditions, good fire tinder can be hard to come by in the woods.  Unless the Dyer Lint Tree is in season you might be have to find some other options.  Here’s a method I’ve used a few times in a pinch.

Fire Tinder From Your JEANS

That’s right, just rake the blade of your knife (or a sharp rock) at a 90 degree angle across your jeans and create your own lint.

A little pile of jean lint like this will ignite with just the spark from a ferro rod.  Or, you can use it to grow your ember when making fire by friction.  It will burn fast, though.  Mix it with some chapstick or Carmex Lip Balm and then you’ve got a fire tinder that will burn upwards to 30 seconds – longer if you scrape off a larger pile.

Just a quick tip for your mental survival files!


Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


PS – Knife used in this post:

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