How Your Car Keys Could Save Your Life: An Introduction to S.A.F.E. (Security Awareness Series)

A Guest Blog Post by Gordon Self

What is S.A.F.E?

S.A.F.E.  (Security Awareness For Everyone) is a collection of strategies, tips and information created to assist individuals, families and businesses stay “safe” in these uncertain, unpredictable, and often unsafe times.

Information contained in the various S.A.F.E. articles, seminars and publications are things I have either learned, discovered or developed during the last 45 years of my career in the private security and personal protection industry.  It is both a professional privilege and a personal honor to write on Creek Stewart’s blog and share some of this information with you.  

Let’s get started……

Your Car Keys Could Save Your Life

Most modern car keys have the “Panic Button” feature that will set off a vehicle’s alarm.

Where do your car keys end up at the end of the day when you get home?  Some  have a specific key rack they hang their keys on… others have a specific basket or bowl for their keys… but for the vast majority of folks (depending on the day), their car keys are simply tossed on the counter, kitchen table, coffee table, end table or any other number of places that is convenient at the time.

While I applaud the discipline of those individuals who actually do use a key rack and those who have a specific place reserved for their keys, (so they don’t have to organize a search party to find them every morning) the best place to keep your car keys is actually on the night stand, next to your bed in the bedroom.


Practically all car keys have a panic alarm button that, when pushed, will activate the car horn or special siren to loudly sound continuously until turned off. 

By keeping your car keys next to the bed, should you believe someone is loitering outside of your home or trying to break-in in the middle of the night, you could activate the car’s alarm (whether parked outside or in a garage).  A continuous blaring car horn or siren will not only have an intruder running away but will also get your neighbor’s attention quickly (Note: after setting off the alarm you should still call 9-1-1).

This instant access to an alarm is especially handy for those who do not have a burglar alarm in the home or apartment and is a great idea for seniors or those who live alone.

At the end of the day, your car keys could be placed most anywhere….but consider leaving them in the bedroom!

 Until next time…. Keep S.A.F.E.!

Gordon Self has been involved with private security and personal / executive protection for over four decades and is the creator of S.A.F.E. programs. For more information write to

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