My Tactical Dry Box: An ammo heavy mixed-lot survival chest

My favorite part about going to the dentist as a kid was the Pirate’s Chest of toys my Brother and I got to sift through after the appointment.  There were all kinds of little trinkets to choose from: bouncy balls, spinning tops, rubber figurines and little parachute men.  Well, years later, I now keep a little chest of my own except it’s full of ammunition, knives, tools, first aid items and survival supplies.  The two chests are alike in that they both make me happy but that about where the similarity ends.

My Tactical Dry Box

I picked up this chest (18″x12″x10″) at a local Gander Mountain.  It’s got a latch and rubber gasket which makes it water proof – hence the phrase ‘dry box’.  When sealed it also floats.


The basic premise behind my keeping this box is to have a nice little compact ‘ready-to-grab’ box of ammunition in a variety of calibers.  This box is rugged and keeps everything dry.  Most of my ammo I keep hidden or locked up and I like the idea of having a few hundred rounds of mixed-lot ammunition at the ready.  Even if it’s for a day at the range or plinking in the back yard, having a grab-n-go box of ammo has its advantages.  Toss it in the truck and go.  I also look at my dry box as my Bug Out Bag’s combat trained body guard.

So what’s in the box?

Well, not just ammo.  I keep a variety of survival supplies in there.  It’s almost like a survival kit that’s heavy on ammo.  There is a secret compartment under the lid which is a work in progress.  Now, I just have some cash, a ferro rod, a multi-tool and some wire.

There is a removable shelf once you open the lid.  I keep an entire first aid kit on this shelf.

Then, in the main compartment I keep a headlamp, an emergency blanket, a pair of wool gloves, 100 foot of 550 paracord and 425 rounds of ammunition.  This kit is still a work in progress and there is room for more items – I just haven’t decided what else to include just yet.

I hate cardboard ammo boxes!

I picked up a few of these plastic ammo organizers from a dealer at a gun show.  The brand is Berry Mfg. and I love these things.  Here is a link:  They were only a couple bucks each.

I leave the .22 rounds in the plastic containers they came in.  Here’s my ammo breakdown:

  • 9mm – 100 rounds
  • 12 gauge shotgun – 25 mixed rounds
  • .22 long rifle – 150 rounds
  • .223 – 50 rounds
  • .38 special – 50 rounds
  • .357 – 50 rounds


A nicely organized tactical dry box allows you to quickly grab a variety of ammo rounds – whether during a full on Bug Out, an afternoon hunt or just some plinking in the back yard.  Everything is protected, dry and compactly stored in a durable, affordable and ready-to-go container… just enough, just in case.

This dry box in it’s current state weighs in at 17.25 lbs.


Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,




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