Survivalist Creedo

Survivalist Creedo

Survivalist Creedo

I do not choose to be a victim
Of the circumstances around me.
I seek self reliance, not dependence.
I do not wish to be looked after,
But rather to be a resource for others.
I am able to provide basic needs
With knowledge and natural tools.
Sometimes I fail, but more often succeed.
Regardless of the outcome, I never give up.
My mind is my most valuable resource.
I understand that Mother Nature is not my Mother,
But will still provide me with my basic needs;
Water, Food, Fire & Shelter.
I prefer a landscape view
Over the view across my desk.
I yearn to be outdoors – learning, exploring and connecting.
I sleep more peacefully under the stars,
Than under a roof.
I am self sufficient.
I see value in primitive survival skills.
Fire is one of my prized accomplishments,
And my knife is my loyal companion.
I practice my skills and train my body,
For the day when I might be tested.
With everything to lose,
And everything to gain,
Luck has no place in my destiny.
With God’s help,
I have made the preparations necessary to get me through.

I am a Survivalist.

-by Creek Stewart

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