Wild Edible Dandelion

Dandelion: Taraxum officinale

I’ve never met someone who can’t positively ID dandelion.  This common weed is one of my favorite wild edible plants of all time.  It is also incredibly versatile.  The blooms, buds, leaves and roots are all edible.  The blooms and buds are best when batter fried.  The greens are excellent prepared as a potherb like spinach but also make a welcome addition to any fresh salad.  They sell for several dollars a pound at a local organic food store.  Don’t you dare buy them!  The older leaves can be bitter so the young spring greens make better salads.  The roots can be peeled, sliced and cooked like boiled carrots.  Unless you treat your yard with weed killers or live in the desert, you’ll have no problem gathering dandelions in spring and summer.

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