Survival Shelter

  • King Kong Ain’t Got #$@% On My Horsetail Sleeping Pad: Don’t let Mother Nature suck the life out of you -   Thank you Denzel for that perfect introduction.  If you are in a Survival Situation and someone steals your Therma-Rest –   not all hope is lost! I’d like to start this post with the definition of CONDUCTION: con·duc·tion : [kuhn-duhk-shuhn] : noun – the transfer of heat between substances that are in direct contact with each other   […]
  • 12 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Bug Out Bag: Series Post 3 of 12: Shelter and Bedding - Series Introduction This post series is for anyone who has an interest or curiosity in building their own Bug Out Bag.  In the next 3-4 months leading up to the release of my book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit, my publisher has authorized me to write a series of 12 posts outlining […]
  • Hammock Shelter Basics - This is a guest post by JJ Johnson (JJSERE1). JJ is a former USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor and currently runs his own survival blog which can be seen here:  He also has a YouTube Channel with several survival/self-reliance related videos which can be found here: Hammock Shelter Basics by […]
  • 9 Military Poncho Survival Shelter Confirguations: How To Set Up A Military Poncho Shelter - An essential item for ANY outdoor outing and certainly in every Survival Kit and Bug Out Bag is a good quality Poncho.  If you don’t have one and need one go to the NOT IF BUT WHEN STORE HERE. There is nothing more miserable (and dangerous) than getting soaked by rain. There are 100’s of […]
  • Pine Tree Winter Survival Snow Shelter Video Post - On a recent winter adventure in the Rocky Mountains I was able to film a video about a quick “Mother Nature” winter shelter idea to reduce exposure from the harsh winter elements. In deep snow, pine trees create a natural shelter at their base…and with a little work it can be a huge help in […]
  • Wilderness Survival Debris Hut - I’m not sure exactly who came up with the name”Debris Hut” but it is a term used quite often within the wilderness survival community.  In essence, a Debris Hut is a shelter style that consists of a basic stick built framework that is then layered with branches, vines, and smaller sticks.  Step # 1 is […]