SURVIVAL – Basic Skills Course 101

Course Location: Willow Haven Outdoor, 2867 N. 200 E., Anderson, IN 46012

Need a 1-Day CRASH Course in Survival Skills?  Look no further!  Our 9am-5pm Saturday SURVIVAL Basic Skills Course is just the ticket you need.  Whether you are NEW to survival or an EXPERIENCED survivalist, this course will be a great addition to your survival knowledge base.  LUNCH PROVIDED!!!  All course attendees receive a Willow Haven Sling Pack stocked with several survival kit items that we will be using throughout the day.

What will you learn?

Survival Shelter

  • Learn survival shelter basics
  • Build a Cold Weather Survival Debris Hut
  • Learn about Lean-To Shelters, Fire Reflectors and Survival Insulation

Survival Water

  • Learn how to source AND purify water from nature
  • Learn how to build a solar still
  • Source water from plants and trees

Survival Fire

  • Learn important fire building principles
  • Learn how to find, harvest and process natural fire tinder
  • Start fire with just a spark!
  • Learn the ABCs of survival fire building!

Survival Food

  • Learn Creek’s TOP 5 Wild Edible Plants
  • Build a Small Game Hunting Gig
  • Learn about Primitive Hunting Weapons
  • Learn how to construct a Small Game Twitch-Up Snare
  • Learn natural CAMO techniques

Natural Cordage

  • Learn how to source cordage from plants and trees
  • Learn how to make USABLE rope from plant and tree fibers
  • Weave your own natural fiber cordage!


  • Learn how to build a SIGNAL FIRE
  • Learn how to use a mirror for signaling rescue


This course is taught by Creek Stewart – owner of Willow Haven Outdoor.  The ticket price is $115 per student.  Minimum age limit is 12 years old.  Completing the on-line reservation form will reserve your spot for 7 days.  Shortly after completing the on-line registration form, you will receive a payment invoice.  Full payment must be received within 7 days to officially register.  You will have the option to pay on-line with a credit card or mail in your payment with a check or money-order.  Once payment is made you will be e-mailed a FULL COURSE PACKET with all the details approximately 1 week before your course date.  This packet will include everything you need to know about taking this course.  If you have any questions e-mail us at  We look forward to training with you!

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