IGNIS: Survival Fire


Looking for a FIRE INTENSIVE Survival Course?  Welcome to IGNIS.  IGNIS is Latin for FIRE.  Just as the name indicates, we are breaking fire down to it’s most basic beginnings to understand exactly where it came from and how it can be created.  This course is ALL ABOUT SURVIVAL FIRE.  In a survival scenario, FIRE = LIFE.  You can use FIRE in countless ways to meet basic human survival needs.  Regulate core body temperature, boil and purify water, cook food, signal for rescue, make tools and the list goes ON and ON.  In certain survival scenarios, FIRE can be your #1 priority.  If you are serious about learning survival skills then you MUST UNDERSTAND HOW TO MAKE FIRE – period.



LOCATION: Anderson, IN – our 21 Acre Survival Training Property
Arrival & Set-up: Friday 5pm – Saturday 9am
Survival Instruction: Saturday 9am-7pm
Departure & Tear Down: Saturday 7 pm-Sunday 10 am
  • Adult Price (18+ yrs old): $125 Each (plus applicable local and state taxes)
  • Minor Price (10 yrs – 17 yrs): $75 Each (plus applicable local and state taxes)
  • You can cancel for a FULL REFUND up until 14 days before the event.  There will be a $50 cancellation fee per person after that.

Course Highlights:

  • Master the Elusive Primitive Bow Drill
  • Master the art of the Tinder Bundle
  • Learn the basics of FIRE BUILDING
  • Learn a variety of FIRE LAYS
  • Start fires using Ferro Rods & Magnesium Bars
  • Start a fire using a BROKEN Cigarette Lighter
  • Start a fire using FLINT & STEEL (with flint that you harvest from the property)
  • Start a fire using a CAR BATTERY
  • Start a fire with household batteries
  • Start a fire by modifying a live shotgun shell
  • Start a fire using the SUN
  • Start a fire using a SIGNAL FLARE
  • Learn how to make CHAR CLOTH
  • Learn how a FUNGUS can be your best fire starting friend
  • Understand MODERN & NATURAL Fire Tinders and how to MAKE and GATHER your own
  • Learn how to TRAVEL with fire in an emergency (carry fire with you)
  • Acquaint yourself with other primitive fire starting methods such as HAND DRILL and FIRE PLOW


 Willow Haven Special Features:

  • LUNCH provided Saturday
  • Saturday Night Survival Movie for those of you who wish to stay until Sunday
  • Evening Outdoor Campfires
  • Hiking Trails & Camping Areas
  • Lodge with TV, Fireplace, Kitchen, Private Bunkrooms, Restrooms & Showers
  • WillowHaven Survival Store
  • Knife Sharpening Station
  • Lounge area with tons of Survival Related Materials, games, books, magazines, etc…
  • Visiting with other attendees & learning from each other



Course FAQs:

Do I need to have any Survival Experience to attend a Primitive Hunter Clinic?
No, you do not.  Whether you are new to the concept of survival training or have years of experience – everyone will learn survival skills.  There are also no special physical requirements.
Do I need to bring my own food for the meals not provided?
You can either bring your own meals or you can go pick something up in town.  While you will feel completely secluded at our retreat, we are conveniently located only 5 miles from many restaurants and convenience stores in Anderson, IN.  You are more than welcome to bring camp meals and a cooler to prepare your own meals at your camp-site.  You can also use our kitchen as well which has a range, fridge w/ freezer and microwave.  We also have prepackaged snacks & drinks available at a nominal fee.
Can kids come?
Yes, this is a family friendly clinic.  We do ask that children be at least 10 years of age, however.  All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
 Can I camp?
Yes, we have 21 acres.  Just find a spot.  Most course attendees camp.  We have several designated camping areas or you can make your own ‘back-country’ style.  We do have an indoor bunk house as well and several private bunk rooms.  You will need to bring your own pillow, linens and blankets.  ‘Loaner’ wool blankets are provided.
Do you have shower and restroom facilities?
Yes.  We have all of the modern amenities.  Both the Men and Ladies restrooms are equipped with a shower and, of course, hot water.
 Do you provide any evening entertainment or activities?
Each Saturday night we show an outdoor Survival Movie (weather permitting).  We also have an awesome lodge with fireplace, seating area, television and all of the survival materials you could possibly want.  You can read our books and magazines, practice knot-tying, use our knife sharpening station or just hang out by the fire place and chat with other like-minded preppers.  You can also shop the WHO Survival Store.  We also have a large outdoor campfire ring.  This is certainly an evening ‘watering-hole’ for many.
Do I need to bring and gear or items with me?
Yes, we will provide you the materials list in your Course Information packet (mailed 1 month prior to your course date).  It is not an extensive list at all.  We provide most everything you will need.  
Do I need to sign a waiver to take the course?
Yes, we do require that all students sign a Waiver of Liability.  It is a very basic standard form that you would expect to see with any adventure themed course or event.  It will be included with a self addressed stamped envelope in your Course Information Packet after final payment and registration.  Because we will be working outside with primitive tools we take every measure to ensure a safe and responsible training environment.  Each course begins with a Risks and Tool Safety Discussion.
Are there any items I cannot bring to the course?
Yes, we do not allow alcohol, illegal drugs, pets or firearms at any of our training clinics.  Smoking is allowed but not inside of the lodge. 
I am traveling from far away, do you have travel information?
Yes, here is the link: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/travel-directions/

Any questions?  E-mail creek@willowhavenoutdoor.com

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