Fishing & Coastal Survival

  • How to Make a Primitive Funnel Fish Trap that keeps on giving. - Passive trapping versus active hunting is almost always preferred in a survival scenario.  Not only does trapping typically require less energy, but it also enables one to focus on other important survival tasks such as shelter, fire, water, foraging and signaling.  Passive fish traps are among some of the oldest documented relics from indigenous cultures […]
  • Gigging for Survival: “It’s all about the SMALLS.” - I have a friend who makes a living selling items at flea-markets, fairs and festivals and he always says to me, “The money is in the smalls.”  What he means by this is that he makes his living selling the $1 and $2 items – not the $100 big ticket items.  Of course it’s great […]
  • SECRET Live Survival Fishing Bait - My Mom’s parents lived in Kentucky.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are going to Grandma and Grandpa Tucky’s.  My Grandpa’s name was Owen Coy.  Long story short, he was the ‘real deal’ when it came to wilderness knowledge.  Even though I was young, I picked up some of my best wilderness tips from Grandpa […]
  • Survival Spider Web Fish Net - If you’ve taken any hikes lately you know that the spiders are out in full force.  This time of year it seems you can hardly take 2 steps before you do a spider web face plant.  A spider’s web is really one of nature’s most amazing exhibitions of strength and design.  Spiders are the ultimate […]
  • Survival by Cellphone: Survival Fishing - As a student of wilderness survival, I have spent my life practicing, teaching and preserving the primitive survival skills of our ancestors. In our culture, primitive skills such as starting fire, hunting, navigation, making cordage, and using stone tools have been replaced with wind-proof lighters, flashlights, microwaves, grocery stores, GPSs, hardware stores and knives. We […]
  • Ice Fishing Bushcraft Style - Outdoor activities in the dead of winter can be hard to come by.  However, one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday winter afternoon is to go out Ice Fishing.  One of the main reasons I enjoy ice fishing so much is that it is just so dang simple.  I use just a couple of […]
  • Peach Seed Survival Fishing Hook - As a student of the primitive skills from yesteryear, I am always amazed at how our ancestors (and even some tribal cultures in the present day) utilize even the most basic of resources that we in the modern world cast aside as trash. I always try to challenge myself to use ever part of whatever […]