Survival Straw in Action

The Survival Straw: Frontier Emergency Water Filter

Frontier Emergency Water Filter

Frontier Emergency Water Filter

I’m sure many of you already have a Primary system in place for filtering or purifying water while out in the bush camping or hiking for extended periods of time.  If not, you need to determine what kind of system works best for you.  Ultimately, you have have 5 choices when it comes to drinking water:

  1. RISK IT.  You can just drink water from creeks, streams or ponds and just take the risk of barfing your guts out and having the worst diarrhea of your life.
  2. BOIL IT. The best rule of thumb for boiling water is to leave it at a rolling boil for 10 minutes.  No matter the altitude, this should keep you safe.
  3. FILTER IT.  There are several great portable & light weight Water Filter Systems on the market and most of these are excellent choices.
  4. TREAT IT.  You can also carry Water Purification Tablets, Iodine or Bleach and chemically treat the water to kill any harmful bacteria or viruses.
  5. NUKE IT.  You can zap the water with a UV light.  There are small camping battery operated models for killing germs with UV light.  These are pretty cool.

Ultimately, anything you choose will be either 1 of these 5 options or a combination.  However, because H20 is such a vital component in survival, I recommend having a back-up system in place – a PLAN B.  Those of you who read my posts know that I love redundancy.

In the event that your primary system would fail, break or get lost…a really great PLAN B is a product called the Frontier Emergency Water Filter.  I call it the Survival Straw.

Survival Straw in Action

Survival Straw in Action

Not only does the carbon based filter of this system remove bad taste and order, it also removes 99.99% of Cryptosporidium & Giardia – the 2 big NASTYs.  This filter weighs less than 1 oz. and costs under $15.  It can filter up to 20 gallons.  After that you need to toss it and buy another.  It’s recommended to have 1 gallon of water per day for survival.  That means this little guy can get you by for almost 1 MONTH in a pinch!  Enough said, right?

I carry one of these in my BushCraft Pack as well as in my Bug Out Bag and I recommend that you do as well.  We sell them here at WillowHaven or I’m sure you can get them other places on-line.  My point is that you should get one and tuck it in your pack.  You’ll never know it’s even there UNTIL YOU NEED IT!

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN.

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