Mora of Sweden Video Knife Review

Mora of Sweden Forest Exclusive Knife

Mora of Sweden Forest Exclusive Knife

As you know, WillowHavenOutdoor is a dealer of MORA of SWEDEN Brand Knives.

To introduce some of these knifes I went ahead and shot a 10 minute video where I quickly review some of the Mora brand styles we have in stock. Below is the video link or you can visit the Video Gallery.

These reviews are pretty quick and I didn’t really get to detailed with each knife. If you want to see a more in-depth review of a specific style just let me know and I’ll shoot a vid about it for you.



  1. Scott says:

    I noticed that you left out the clipper, is it generally just the same as the other more specialized bushcraft knives?

    • Scott – thanks for the comment. The clipper is actually one of my favorite Moras. I didn’t have any in stock at the time when I shot the video – otherwise I certainly would have included it. It’s definitely a best seller. Thanks again – Creek