Train with me @ ESCAPE THE WOODS

I receive emails everyday asking about how one can train with me. There’s a reason I haven’t released a public training schedule at Willow Haven yet this year. Besides being extremely busy filming and promoting FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS and writing a new book due out 2016, I’ve signed on to be the Lead Trainer at a series of events that I am very excited about. It’s called ESCAPE THE WOODS!



Escape the Woods is a two person survival team challenge designed to provide world class survival training and then test those skills in a head to head competition.  You’ll start your day by learning new survival skills from yours truly and my approved team of survival skills trainers.  Then you will have a chance to Prove it by putting your newly learned skills to the test against the other teams to earn points and collect clues to win the $1,000 Cabela’s gift card. You can also win a $200 Bug Out Bag by creating the best video of your day.  Do you have what it takes to ESCAPE THE WOODS???

“I started teaching survival skills because they’re fun.  I still teach them because they save lives.  As a natural competitor myself, I’m excited to be involved in a new project that combines my two favorite aspects of survival – FUN and LEARNING!  Escape the Woods is an action packed survival competition for people of all ages and experience levels.  You’ll learn awesome skills, meet incredible people and have a blast in the process!  Come test yourself – the woods is waiting!”


When, CR///EK, WHEN??!!

The 1st ESCAPE THE WOODS challenge is scheduled for September 12th & 13th in Delaware, OH.  I’ve planned a training curriculum that revolves around the CORE 4 – Shelter, Water, Fire and Food.  You’ll spend the morning jumping from training POD to training POD and then, after lunch, it’s time to put your skills to the test!  Trust me, this is survival training like you’ve never seen before.


First of it’s kind!

I like being a part of new and exciting projects.  ESCAPE THE WOODS is an action packed survival skills competition with a focus on very real survival skills.  You’ll learn some of my favorite survival skills, tips and tricks about how to secure shelter, water, food and MY FAVORITE – fire!  The chance to win something at the end of the day is just the icing on the survival skills cake.


Yes, this event has a head count limit.  Tickets are being sold on a first come first serve basis.  Because you’re a subscriber to my blog you are one of the first to even hear of it, but the word will spread fast.  You can find all of the details and sign up on the Escape the Woods web-site at


Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN…. I see you in the woods.  Are you ready????


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