I double dog dare you to join me! #daretodo


“The only things we keep permanently are those we give away.” – Waite Phillips

I do wonder what Mr. Phillips meant exactly by this statement.  I think it was something like this:  Our impact on people is ultimately our only legacy.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to be involved in a cause or initiative that has the capacity to change the face of the world we live in.  Today is one of those very rare opportunities.


I dare you to take the 100 day #DARETODO challenge.

It’s simple. Each day for 100 days do an act of service, no matter how small, for the other people around you. Post about it on social media using the hashtag #DareToDo — and we’ll make America better, each day, together.

Here’s the official site: http://dareto.do/



CR///EK, why are you taking the challenge?

I’m taking the challenge starting TODAY, August 7th 2015.  Each day for 100 days I am going to do at least one selfless act for someone else and share it with you on social media.

WHY?  Because the only things you really keep are the things you give away.  I like to be a part of BIG things.  I like to be a part of GOOD things.  And, I like to be a part of things that CHALLENGE me to be a better person.


So, want to be a part of something that will make the world a better place?  Join me on social media everyday with something positive and take the 100 DAY #DARETODO Challenge – TODAY!

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