ATTN: Indianapolis Area: Creek holding Primitive Natural Cordage Course 9/5

This class will be taught as a part of Indianapolis Tradeschool:  The concept of Indianapolis Tradeschool is that rather than pay to attend a class, students barter (trade) instead.  Instructors ask for other items, rather than money.  In this case, Creek is asking that all students bring 1 Dead Flower Stalk from the center of a YUCCA Plant as barter for the class.  Don’t know what YUCCA is?  Here’s a photo below:


For more information about Indianapolis Tradeschool and to REGISTER for the class, please visit:


Course Description

Primitive Natural Cordage: In modern society, we take rope and cord for granted. Our primitive ancestors relied on cordage for survival. In this class, learn how to make usable cordage from plant and tree fibers. Learn the basics of natural fiber cordage and also a special skill for hand-weaving your own cordage in a survival situation. Instructor: Creek Stewart from

Location: Indianapolis City Market 222 East Market Street – Indianapolis

Time: 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

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