A Quick Willow Haven Update & The Preparedness Review

Hello Everyone – remember me?  It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve got a couple of ICONIC survival posts in the pipeline that I’m excited to share with you.  I’m hoping to have them ready within the next month or so.  You don’t want to miss these!


Willow Haven Update

We have had a crazy fall here at Willow Haven and there are a lot of exciting projects in the works.  Much of the 2013 Schedule is On-Line here: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/survival-course-and-event-calendar/  I’m really excited about our course offerings in 2013.  We’ve added a few to the mix including a Primitive Hunter Course and also a SurviVacation II for all of you who have already attended our standard SurviVacation Course.  We’ve also added a special Survival Workshop event in January called the Trade Blanket Reunion.  2013 is going to be a great year to visit Willow Haven.  I look forward to many of you returning for further training and also training with new students.


The Preparedness Review

My friend Todd Sepulveda who runs Prepper Website (www.prepperwebsite.com) just launched a pretty cool FREE preparedness resource web-site called The Preparedness Review (www.thepreparednessreview.com).  The Preparedness Review is a free downloadable PDF document that includes articles written by several top survival personalities.  The 1st Issue was just made available for download.  I have an article in the first issue titled: Jerusalem Artichoke: It’s not from Jerusalem and it’s not an Artichoke, but it should be in your Survival Garden.  If you enjoy reading a variety of preparedness and survival articles I’d suggest taking a look at The Preparedness Review.  And, it’s FREE – can’t beat that.


The Storm of the Century

Willow Haven has many friends on the East Coast – both former students and on-line friends.  To all of you who are now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


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