What can Creek do for you?


Survival Training: Individual, Corporate, Non-Profit, Government


Survival skills training is where Creek got his start.  Since the age of 21, Creek has been hosting survival skills courses.  He is well versed in Primitive and Modern Survival Skills including shelter, water, fire, food, signaling and self-defense.  In additional to his regularly scheduled survival courses at Willow Haven, Creek offers customized survival training.  Whether personalized one-on-one training or for a large group, Creek can build a custom training course that fits your goals.  He’s trained individuals, adventure groups, churches, corporations and government agencies in a variety of survival skill sets.  Each client is unique and Creek customizes his training to fit these unique needs.  From 2 hour programs to multi-day courses, options abound.  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.


Public Speaking


Have an event that would benefit from a Survival Themed speaking engagement?  Whether on the topic of disaster preparedness or preparing for an outdoor adventure, Creek is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker who is a natural behind the microphone.  Speaking topics are only limited by your creativity.  Book Creek to speak at your event today.  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.

See a list of Creek’s Popular Public Speaking Topics here: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/creeks-prepared-speaking-topics/

*Did you see Creek’s presentation “The 7 Priorities of Survival” at the Quiet Sports Expo in Indianapolis, IN?


Viral Blog & Social Media Product Placement

Over the years Creek has established himself as a writer capable of delivering staggering results – in the form of measurable viral exposure.  It’s no secret that the most effective form of advertising is on-line and, specifically, in the blog and social media realm.  When someone is sharing your brand or product, it’s not considered advertising – at least not to the reader.  The line has been blurred between traditional advertising and editorial content.  There is a way to effectively do both.  Creek is the master of writing survival themed articles that present how a completely random product can be serve as a multi-function survival tool to help someone meet basic human survival needs.  These article go viral – EVERY TIME.  From tampons to condoms to busted cell phones, Creek can incorporate your product into a seemingly random survival blog post that will be shared and viewed by hundreds of thousands of on-line surfers.  He has an established network of blogs, newswires and social sharing web-sites that eagerly await each article of this type.  Are you ready for your brand to go viral in a survival related post?  Pricing varies depending on product and Creek’s estimation of traffic.  Submit your product ideas with the SUBJECT LINE “BLOG PRODUCT PLACEMENT” to publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.

Example: Creek’s TAMPON Survival article featured: WillowHavenOutdoor (54K shares), Artofmanliness.com (160K subscribers), Huffington Post On-line, Bob & Tom Radio Show, Bethany Frankel Show called to get all the scoop, Shape Magazine Tweeted it, thechive.com (410K facebook fans), thedailybeast.com, jezebel.com (149K facebook fans), MSN News, LifeHacker.com and hundreds more : TOTAL IMPRESSIONS = MILLIONS

Can your product use a viral shot in the arm?


Trade Shows & Events

Could your trade show or event benefit from live hands-on survival product demonstrations?  Let Creek demonstrate your products or bring his own survival themed props to hold mini training seminars at your event.  This not only generates buzz but is a great way to thoroughly explain product details, benefits and features.  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.

*Look for Creek doing product & survival demonstrations at THE BLADE SHOW in Atlanta, GA June 2013.


Survival Related Consultation


Need help with a survival or preparedness related topic?  Creek is available for consult.  Whether over the phone or in person, your project may benefit from expert consultation.  Examples include educating restaurateurs about foraging local wild edibles to training professionals in high profile terror-target cities in building ‘Get Home Survival Bags’.  Are you working on a survival themed television project?  Creek has experience both in front of and behind the camera.  Whether staging survival scenarios or training actors in survival skills, his expertise can make any production, regardless of scale, look more authentic and believable.  Put Creek’s experience to work for you!  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.


Expert Commentary


Creek’s knowledge has been sought out by countless television, radio, magazine, newspaper and on-line outlets.  From weighing in on local disasters to providing comic relief about how to kill zombies, a Survival Expert who is well versed, engaging, camera friendly and creative could be just what your project needs.  Creek is that person.  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.

* Creek has appeared on/in: Fox & Friends, Discovery.com, Backpacker Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, WISH-TV 8, WGN-TV, MANCOW Radio and more.



Creek is a best-selling survival author.  He is the author of Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guideand the Young Adult survival fiction novel RUGOSA.  Several other titles are in the works.  He also writes survival commentary for countless print and on-line publications.  With over 10 viral on-line articles, Creek is no stranger to generating content with mass appeal and staggering click-thru stats.  Are you in need of a knowledgeable and creative survival expert to write copy for your project, web-site, magazine, event?  No one writes original survival copy like Creek.  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.

*Creek has written articles for: ArtofManliness.com, WND.com (synicated commentator), Live Ready Magazine, and has contributed both photos and survival writing to a variety of educational books and publications.


Brand/Product Endorsements


Do you think Creek would be a good fit to promote/endorse your product or brand?  Creek is always open to partnerships that make sense.  Whether a one-time web promotion or a long-term brand relationship, how can your brand or product benefit from partnering with Creek?  E-mail your ideas to: publicrelations@willowhavenoutdoor.com.

* Check out Creek’s Bug Out Bag promotion with The Sportsman’s Guide in April 2013.

Creek's new survival fiction novel, RUGOSA, now available on Amazon.com!