B.O.B. the Bug Out Bag: Free Download for Kids


I don’t have kids.  However, many readers of this blog and attendees of my courses do.  I put together some simple Bug Out Bag Coloring Pages a while back to use in one of our family courses.  Something like this is a great way to talk to your kids about the importance of Disaster Preparedness and building a Bug Out Bag.  All of the illustrations were custom made for us by a good friend of mine and fellow Eagle Scout  – Matthew Brentin – so I have to give him mad props for his illustration skills.

I’m not an expert on children but I know they like coloring books.  You can download these pages for free from the link below.  Hopefully you can use them with your family.  You can just click on the PDF link below and print the pages or RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS… to your computer.  Feel free to use and share them as you please.

DOWNLOAD B.O.B. the Bug Out Bag Coloring Book HERE

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  1. The Captain says:

    Very cool idea! Think you need to add some basics on what goes inside (show images) but you have the basics of a great teaching tool you could share with the RED CROSS or others!

  2. AWESOME! Absolutely a great tool! My Hit Girl loves her coloring book and is super excited about her own B.O.B. And it gave me a great opening to be able to teach her what needs to go in hers, and she started coming up with her own ideas. My wife is also excited to show this to other homeschoolers and more in our area! Thanks Creek!

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