Student Testimonials

What are students saying about their experience at Willow Haven?

I've been in a number of courses teaching survival and / or camp skills, but this is the best one day course I've ever attended. I liked the approach of presenting the principles first and taking the time to demonstrate the techniques. The instructors worked individually with us as needed to make sure we were able to apply the techniques.

B. Hart
I had a great time and learned a lot in Survival Basic Skills 101 class at Willow Haven Outdoor. The instructors were awesome, they took the time to make sure that you could accomplish every skill. I learned several skills that I hope I never have to use, but it is good to have them in my back pocket. I also learned some skills that I will use on most every backpacking trip that I go on. I am also going to be updating the emergency kit that I take backpacking with some additional items that would make an emergency situation survivable.

K. Kirkham, Indiana
I just wanted to let you know that Tom and I had an absolutely amazing time at the Unofficial Hunger Games Survival Course. Creek and Clint were friendly and genuine and definitely know their survival stuff! The grounds are beautiful and well-maintained, the training was all relevant, and the service was beyond fantastic. The best thing about the whole experience is that I now feel confident that I would know what to do in a survival situation. Having the basic knowledge that was taught at Willow Haven is a start to a great education in survival. Thanks so much and we hope to return in the future for a 3-day course!

D. Adams, Indiana
I was very impressed with the whole experience. Covered the basic survival skills wonderfully. There was enough time in each class to learn the skills without feeling rush but not so much time as to get bored. It was amazing to look back and see just how many skills we did cover in such a short time.

Lisa K.
Awesome job, Creek! You and Clint both have the gift of patience. Your love for what you do and your desire to share your knowledge with others shines, making the experience a memorable treat. I still want to take your primitive fire class when you offer it again!

Keep doing what you're doing. A++

S. Potts, Indiana
WHO was an amazing place to learn survival skills from 2 amazing instructors. great camp grounds and a great atmosphere to learn these skills. I learned so much in those 3 days that i can confidently survive in the wild when i have to. Many thanks to Creek and Clint for showing me these skills.

Chris C.
Learning survival skills at Willow Haven was not only educational and fun, but it is an activity that people of all ages can participate in. Young ones will love it because it is filled with fun activities, adults will find it challenging yet not so much so that they would feel inadequate. After learning these primitive skills, it gives one confidence in the ability to be resourceful and take care of basic needs that will increase one's chances of survival. Taking one course will make you want to take more, if you don't come back for the more advanced courses, you will definitely come back for more of Creek's mom's cooking!!!

A.H. - Kansas
I can't say enough about the high quality of this course, the instructors, and the location. I am a single Mom and did the 3 day SurviVacation course together with my teenage daughter. We went in with not an ounce of survival skills and came out having a clear understanding (and HOURS of practice) of how to go about acquiring shelter, water, fire, and food if a difficult situation required it. The instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging, and made themselves readily available for help and questions the whole weekend. An excellent experience that I highly recommend!

Lisa O. - Idaho
Since SurviVacation, I look at things (shelter, water, food, fire) in an entirely different way. Creek and Clint gave me confidence to find unconventional uses from items found in natural and urban settings. It was a friendly learning environment, and I had a lot of fun.

- Glenn, Florida
Mike and I haven't been able to stop talking about our outstanding adventure with you today. We both came home and tied knots to get them back in our frontal lobes. Your program has changed our lives in a day and we got more then we could of hoped for.  So grateful you are so near us, and please know we will be referring folks your way from our community!  We plan on attending more of your courses in the future!!  

M&J Sullivan, Indiana

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