Student Testimonials

What are students saying about their experience at Willow Haven?

Just returned from my first SurviVacaion, and meeting the staff of Willow Haven Outdoors. What a great time, the instruction was top notch, realistic, and easy to incorporate into everyday life. The majority is all hands on with some classroom review each day. If you are having trouble accomplishing a certain skill the staff will make the time to make sure you are comfortable before completing the course.   A+ and well worth the cost. Looking forward to more classes in 2013.

Allen Stratton
Griffin absolutely enjoyed your class. In fact, after he came home he was in our backyard building a dakota fire(I think it is called that?). We all had to come out to get the lesson on building one. Griffin was up till 11:00 that night in our bedroom still going on about all he learned. He had been saving his money for a while and could not be happier about his knife he got at your store.We cannot thank you enough for allowing Griffin to attend your class. He had the time of his life. This has been a passion of his for a long time and to be able to attend a class on survival skills meant so much to him. Thank you again very much

Rick and Tammi Davidson, Indiana
I can’t believe that this short weekend made this BIG of an impact in my life. I learned not just survival, but life skills while attending Creek’s SurviVacation. I now not only have the head knowledge, but also the hands-on training to apply it. Thanks Creek!

J Tilley, Michigan
Honestly, I thought I would not get much out of the course when I went. I was sooooo wrong! It helped me get to what I feel is a new level for me. I (and the group) were able to address (and practice) any weaknesses with our gear, skills, and review our plans. Also, I believe we learned about things we had no idea about. We were all able to build our knowledge base, practice a variety of skills we knew and learned a tremendous amount more (with hands on practice). Creek is an amazing person and instructor. I would highly recommend this course and the opportunity to spend some time at Willow Haven and with Creek!

Tony, Chicago
I had an amazing time doing the Hunger Games Survival Course! The course covered
more than I had anticipated, and I took away from it skills I can use for a lifetime. Creek
is a patient and passionate instructor. He wants everyone to learn as much as they can
with the time he has with you. I can’t say enough great things about him and his staff. They
provided a great experience, and will definitely make me come back for more training. I
ended up purchasing his Bug Out Bag book, and it is full of information. I am greatly anticipating
his future book that should come out around the same time as the second Hunger Games movie.
If you do any of his courses, I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. Nature and what it has to offer
has never looked so different to me after attending the Hunger Games course.

Michael, Indianapolis, IN
Creek’s SurviVacation delivers on what is promised. Regardless of your knowledge and skill set going in to the class, you will leave better prepared for a survival situation.

Miglin Family, Ohio
Primitive survival techniques are not easy. They take practice and proper technique. I highly recommend Creek’s courses, as his careful instruction made surviving realistic when you know the right technique. You can tell Creek loves what he does, cares about other people, knows what he is doing… and it shows in his course. You will simply not find a better instructor on learning how to survive.

B. Hakel, Texas
Willowhaven Outdoors and their training facility is my premeir choice for survival training. The 22+ acre facility offers a multitude of terrain and environments to learn, practice and perfect your bushcraft and survival skills. The abandoned home is unique to the property where disaster foraging and survival skills are further honed. Creeks experience and passion is evident in the way that he instructs. He ensures that every participant understands the material/ skill and is able to leave with the knowledge and ability to repeat what they learned. Thanks to Creek and the great group at Willowhaven, I am confident that I am now prepared to provide for my family in any survival situation.

B. Anderson, Texas
Creek and Clint do everything they can do to make sure you understand and can accomplish the skills they are teaching . I personally felt that Creek truly wanted the whole group to leave willow haven with the hands on skills he taught us not just showing his group how to but having us do them.  I can honestly say he is passionate about what he teaches as well as being of a high moral value. Keep up the excellent work Creek & Clint

Greg M., OHIO
I would recommend the Survivacation class to anyone with an appreciation of the outdoors and Survival Skills. Creek and the entire staff at Willow Haven made this an exciting experience. I have confidence that I would be able to survive in the wilderness for an extended period of time with the training Creek provided. There was never a dull moment during my stay at Willow Haven. I cant wait to attend Survivacation part 2.

Lance W. Bedson, Lexington, Kentucky

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