The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard, Mora of Sweden has introduced a very cool knife designed with features specifically for all of us survival bushcrafter types.  It’s called the Bushcraft Survival Knife.  There must be more of us out there than we think!

When you think of a Mora knife, you typically think: SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE and RELIABLE.  At least that’s what I think.  In the case of the Bushcraft Survival Knife, Mora has added a few bells and whistles that I really like.  It’s still very simple and functional.  It’s still a very solid and reliable knife.  It is a bit more pricey, though…coming in at around $70.

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife: 2 Carry Options

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife: 2 Carry Options

We just received a few in the shop today so I thought I would write a quick post about my first impressions before I take one into the field (very soon).  I like the black and gray color scheme – very urban survival.  It does come with 2 belt carry options – one is a clip just like on the clippers and the other is a more modern loop that a belt feeds through.  So…now you have a back up just in case one breaks.

The most obvious addition is the Mora Fire Steel – which I love.  It’s a really nice fire steel – good size.  It fits perfect in it’s own little home on the sheath and clicks into place.  That thing isn’t going anywhere.

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife: Fire Steel

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife: Fire Steel

The fire steel also has a lanyard hole.  I will probably attached a little paracord lanyard to this.  The back of the 4.25″ Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade is ground flat and makes the perfect striker – they designed it this way.

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife: Flat Grind

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife: Flat Grind

The other big feature is they added a built in diamond sharpening plate to the sheath for touching up in the field.  What a great idea!  It’s molded right into the sheath and doesn’t get in the way at all.  Forget carrying an extra.  It doesn’t add any weight either – maybe a few ounces.

One of my other favorite Mora knives is the 840 MG Clipper.  I compared the 2 and the Bushcraft Survival Knife definitely is more substantial.  As a part of the new Bushcraft Series, it’s a little bigger and feels more solid as well.  But it is about $55 more – it ought to feel a little different.

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife and 840MG (bottom)

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife and 840MG (bottom)

The grip on the Bushcraft Survival model is a high friction rubberized material and feels awesome.  It’s not going anywhere – even with wet hands.

All in all, I really like the knife.  I’m happy to add it to my personal collection and I’m also excited to use it in the field.  My blades typically get used pretty hard so I will keep you posted as I have more information.  In the mean-time, let me know if you have any questions.  We have these in the web store if you are interested.

That’s it for now…  Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



  1. The Captain says:

    Now this looks cool. I carry a Mora around my neck as a back up when camping but this is a true survival back up! Already has the items I normal add or attach. Love to get one or two.
    Waiting on your review.

    • Will do Captain! I plan on taking it out within the next few weeks. Have a great 4th. Creek

      • I was contemplating buying a nice survival knife without getting a second mortgage, and was wondering if you enjoyed this knife as much as I suspect that you did. Is there an “after-the-field” review that I missed?

        Thanks again for all of the quality content!

  2. I love my Mora Clipper, and the survival version looks like a really great knife. Even though the clipper is not a flat grind, I still can get it to spark a ferro rod.

  3. James Ekleberry says:

    Is this knife a full tang knife? I can’t seem to find tang listed in it’s specifications anywhere.

    • James – This knife is not a full tang knife. Most Mora knives are not. I do have a few high-end Moras that are but this one is not. It is a very solid knife, though. Someone would really have to beat the tar out of this knife to break it loose from the handle. I would be very comfortable using this knife in any survival situation. I hope this helps. Creek

  4. why did they not make it full tang?.. im sold, but if shit hits the fan and i need to hack i want that insurance you know?

    • You could dump the handle, and weld a little to make it full tang. This is what I would be doing if my hands were any bigger. The handle is nice, but I have big hands – any bigger and they’d be too big… B u t the way that the rat tail is molded into the handle, it may as well be full tang – minus being able to hammer with the butt end. Don’t do that.

  5. For those that have not heard of the Knife Tests website, there is a “To destruction” review of many common/popular knives.
    The one for the Mora Clipper is here

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