New Bow Drill Video Added

The most popular question I receive here at Willow Haven Outdoor is how to get started with creating fire using a bow drill.  In my opinion, when you are first trying to create fire with a bow drill, it is more important to learn how a bow drill works than actually getting a fire going.

In response to these questions, I have filmed a 2 part video series titled “Getting Started With a Bow Drill”.  In the first part of this series I break down each piece in a bow drill set and explain what materials have worked best for me in my bow drill experiences.  In the 2nd video I show the process of using the bow drill pieces to generate a coal using friction and then how to blow that coal into a flame using a tinder bundle.

Starting fire this way isn’t really that difficult if you understand the process.  Like anything, it takes practice.  It is also important, especially in the beginning, to use materials that will work for you.  In the videos I suggest materials to use that will allow you to focus on learning because they are easy to use.  Once you understand the process and hone your skills and technique with easy materials you can then challenge yourself with more difficults combinations of spindle woods and tinder.  Below is the 1st Video in this series.  Good Luck!


  1. I would really like to see all videos on fire starting.. please put them back on your site. Thankso

  2. “movie doesn’t exist” !!!

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