2 ‘Best In Their Category’ Preparedness Books

Recently, two of my friends had books published that I would consider to be ‘Best In Their Category’ on the survival bookshelf.  I thought I’d take a moment to share them with you.



I’m the first to admit that Food Storage isn’t my thing.  It’s not my area of expertise and something I won’t pretend to know everything about.  That’s why I love this book.  I like learning from the best!  Angela is truly one of the top experts in this country (maybe even the world) about the topic of food storage for self-sufficiency and survival.  Rather than spend hundreds of hours (which I don’t have) searching on the internet for long term storage solutions, this books has ALL the answers in one well organized and well written spot.

Angela lives what she preaches so you can trust what you’re reading will actually work.  She covers short term and long term storage solutions as well as storing water, preserving your own food, how to pack foods, strategies for buying foods in bulk, organization and even sustainable ideas such as livestock, gardening and hunting.  Her knowledge in this field is mind boggling.  She includes tons of resources that would take forever to find just searching – if you’d ever be able to find them!

If you need a blueprint for storing food, this manual walks you through the nuts and bolts from A to Z and helps you get it done.  The worksheets and planning sheets make it foolproof.  Food storage is a huge part of a long term survival plan.  This book is just what I needed to get my butt in gear!

If FOOD STORAGE for SELF-SUFFICIENCY and SURVIVAL sounds like a title you might be interested in, pick up a copy on Amazon here: CLICK HERE  It will not disappoint.


Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure (A Prepper’s Book for Kids) by Bernie Carr


You may have already heard of Bernie Carr – she’s also the author of the best-selling The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.  I don’t have kids but I know many of you do so that is why I thought I’d share this title.  It’s not often I see a survival themed book designed for kids and this one is awesome.  I support survival awesomeness in all categories – even children’s books!

I can imagine loving this book as a young boy – following the young, intrepid explorer Jake and his dog Miller as they fill up their backpacks with all the necessities they could need for any possible emergency situation – a first aid kit, a crank radio, Mylar blankets, water filters and more.  This is my kind of kids book.  Boys, especially, want some adventure in the stories they hear and this book fits that bill, while also introducing them to self-reliance and preparedness.  If you’re looking for a cool, adventurous self-reliant themed story for the kids in your life – look no further – pick this one up on Amazon here: CLICK HERE

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