Survival Gear Snapshot: September 2013

 What is a Survival Gear Snapshot???

We all like to dream a little, right?  In this (and future) Survival Gear Snapshots I’ll feature a variety of cool survival items (at least ones that I think are cool – you may disagree) in a themed survival-esque photo.  Some things will be affordable and some things will be ridiculously expensive.  The point is to put together a collage of cool survival-themed items.  If you think somethings too expensive – big deal – it doesn’t cost anything to look at it.  I’m currently looking for some good ideas for next month so if you know of some cool survival products or gear companies you’d like to see in an upcoming SNAPSHOT, leave a comment.


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  1. Looks like yer going hardcore sorta like the cover of off grid.

  2. What is the total weight of this gear combination?

  3. Creek Stewart says:

    No idea Scott but the heaviest part is by far the rope. That thing is heavy – I'd say as much as 15 lbs if I had to guess. I'd hate to carry it too far.

  4. Shannon Galloway Doty says:

    I think I would add a paracord rosary to the mix…

  5. Just an idea for next month, I really like your survival mossberg that you made, perhaps intergrating that somehow…

  6. Patrick Leahy says:

    I love this – keep up the awesome work Creek.

  7. I think the next snapshot should be of a wilderness survival situation.

    I also think the Blackbird SK-5 should be in every snapshot, but that’s just me!

  8. I’m a bit late, but i just wanted to say that i simply love this pic. I think it’s gonna happen sooner than we think

  9. Cache Valley Prepper says:

    That is super cool creek! Keep up the good work. You’ve gone from boy scout to model, lol. Make some more of them. It’s fun for us gear junkies.

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