How To Disappear In The Wilderness: A Natural Camouflage Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now but have been putting it off because it involves a certain level of commitment.  Finally, I decided to take a hit for TEAM WILLOW HAVEN (that’s you) and show you how effective natural ‘full body’ camouflage can be when done right.


You never know when you might need natural camouflage.  Whether to escape and evade or to hunt and stalk, blending into the wilderness around you might be a necessary part of your survival scenario one day and it’s important that you understand the basics.  Luckily, the process is fool-proof – and – surprisingly fast.


It all starts with muddin’ up!  It goes without saying that this method of natural camo lends itself to warm weather scenarios.  This process also works much better on BARE SKIN.  I started the whole process by striping down to my skivvys and then scooped some goopy clay-mud mix from the edge of the pond.  There’s really no delicate way to do this – just smear it on!  I had to go Garden of Eden style in these shots with a Burdock leaf for the sake of decency.




Get it on nice and thick.  A thick, wet base layer is critical.  Once you’re all mudded up, the next step is pretty easy.



Forest duff, debris and leaf litter cover the floor in every type of forest environment.  What better material to use than the stuff that exists naturally in the area that you’re in.  Just grab handfuls of forest debris and slap it all over your wet gooey base layer.  It will stick and as the mud dries, it will become cemented into place.  You can even roll on the ground.  You’ll be surprised what your fly-paper like body will pick up.






I know what you’re thinking – IT LOOKS ITCHY.  It’s NOT.  The mud layer protects your body from all of the little leaf and twig pricks that you imagine might be happening all over my body.  I am also impressed at how well this keep the mosquitoes at bay.  It’s certainly not 100 % effective but it does help.


It’s amazing how quickly you can disappear using this simple 2 step natural camo method.  A few years back while giving natural camo a stab while hunting I actually had a squirrel run down the tree I was leaning against and eat a nut while sitting on my leg.  I kid you not.  I could tell he knew something wasn’t quite right but he had no idea he was sitting on a human!  It was an amazing experience and that squirrel was delicious (just kidding, I didn’t kill him).  And, yes, at that distance I could tell it was a ‘him’.









Next time you find yourself being chased by a PREDATOR from another planet, don’t forget what you learned here – GET NAKED, MUD UP & ROLL ON THE GROUND.  In less than 5 minutes you’ll be an unrecognizable fixture in the forest around you.

By the way, my skin feels amazing.  I think I’ll start charging for ‘Natural Camo Full Body Treatments’.

That’s it for now – more great survival tips to come.  Have an awesome week.  MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



  1. Jason Molony says:

    I hope you didn't discover later that there was poison ivy in any of that stuff you put on yourself!

  2. JP Miller says:

    Hhhhhhhoooooooooommmmmmmmmm. (That's Entish for "cool.") 🙂

  3. If you are in SoCal like me, you really shouldnt roll on the ground. Poison oak is everywhere and the dead leaves are just as bad as it gets. Either way, this is really cool.

  4. Trust me…”It looks itchy” is NOT what I was thinking!

    LOL @ “GET NAKED, MUD UP & ROLL ON THE GROUND” Love that! Mind if I use it?

  5. Linda DeGroot says:

    "The body and pose of a Greek god" was going through my mind.

  6. Gino Schafer says:

    What happens when the mud dries? Do the leaves fall off?

  7. Carl McPherson says:

    Can you post another article for use here in the desert of Arizona? Volcanic rock and cactus variety please?

  8. Jayson Thomason says:

    I'm glad I'm not allergic to poison oak or ivy!

  9. Creek Stewart says:

    No, they are pretty much cemented in place.

  10. This will be pretty easy in louisiana

  11. well it worked for Arnie

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