Don’t Forget – FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS – Sunday, August 10th at 10pm eastern

Wow – I have had one crazy week.  I’ve been in New York City all week promoting FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS and it’s been a blast.  I was on the TODAY SHOW Wednesday with Kathie Lee & Hoda – CRAZY!  Here’s the link to the segment if you missed it:  Below is a pic of me right before we went LIVE.  I was just trying not to pass out.


I’ve also done 20 or so radio interviews and will be on WAKE UP WITH AL (ROKER) tomorrow – FRIDAY – at 6:40 am and then the AMHQ Morning Show with Sam Champion at 9:40 am.  We’ll be talking about the show and also hurricane survival.  Saturday, I’ll be in Tennessee for a series pre-premiere launch and to spend some time with some of the great folks who made this show happen.  Hats off to The Weather Channel, RIVR Media, the amazing production crew and of course the show visionary Evan Goldstein.

I’m writing mainly to remind you that the series premieres THIS SUNDAY August 10th at 10PM eastern ONLY on The Weather Channel.  This is the episode filmed during the POLAR VORTEX last winter.  Below is a pic of me and the guys in our massive wiki!  Those guys are freaking awesome!



Mother Nature has a very unique way of stripping away the clutter and introducing us to a very raw version of ourselves.  You learn a lot about yourself when you’re exhausted, cold, hungry and thirsty.  I’ve long believed the wilderness can change people.  Tune in to learn some survival skills, laugh, sympathize, cheer and be inspired!


OH, AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



  1. Thanks for the reminder, just set the DVR!!

  2. Just finished watching the first episode and I greatly enjoyed it. You drove your “Bug Out Truck”! Awesome! what kind of milage did you get on the drive to our neck o the woods? My only gripe about the show was that it was about 1 hour and 10 minutes too short! I hope the DVD (when released) has plenty of extras!
    Great show and I’m glad it was done here in the Beautiful Smoky Mountains!

    • I wish it was longer too man! Don’t worry – 7 more awesome episodes to come! High teens for gas mileage! It purrs like a kitten going down I-75! Thanks so much for watching!

      • I also enjoyed the show and agree is needs to be an hour long…seems like 15 minutes in you were on day 5 already. Just so you know rhododendron is slighty poisionous and shouldn’t be burned.

  3. I got to catch a re-run of the first episode since I missed the initial airing. This show is excellent and is exactly the type of survival show TV needed. It’s one thing to watch a show with someone who makes Survival/Wilderness skills a part of their daily life. By bringing 3, everyday people, teaching them the skills, and then having them do them entirely on their own. I’ve been waiting for this type of show.

    By far, my favorite moment was when you tossed the fire kit into the woods and the look on their faces (My wife’s words: If that happened to me, I would break down crying).

  4. Creek, saw 1st show & got the 2nd on DVR ready to go tonight. If this is a question you’ve answered, sorry. What knife are you using for yourself? Quoits obvious of the Mora’s, just can’t go wrong with Mora. Anyways thank you & keep it up

  5. I love the show! Very informative but I would bet their getting food off screen. I don’t believe these guys are making it a week on moss and a tiny quail.

  6. Great show. Real survival. The other shows just don’t cut it, Survivor Man runs a close 2nd to your show, No drama, no squabbling, just survival. I have learned a lot & continue to watch over & over. I would be interested in how to apply to get on show. Keep up the great work, & don’t quit.

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