Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Chronicles: The Urban Camo Layer : Series Post #5

If you remember, in Series Post # 4, I had just wrapped the truck in camo and left you hanging with some modern shaped black designs on a table.  Below are 2 pictures for reference.





Below is a photo series showing how I used those black designs.  Also, I officially put the bed cap on, added some off-road lights and mounted 2 Jerry Cans to the rear fenders.  First, I had to tape on the matte black vinyl graphics for placement.










Now, time for the official install.









Now, time to add some IPF 968 Series Off Road Lights from http://store.arbusa.com/IPF-968-Series-Light-Kit-968CSG-P3643.aspx and 10 more gallons of fuel storage.







Below is the reveal up until this point!

Thanks to everyone for their input into this project.  Even though I don’t use all the ideas/suggestions I appreciate the comments and advice.  All of it is making this a very fun BOV build.  If only I didn’t have a budget??!?!?!!








As always, thoughts and comments are appreciated.

BTW – I have some incredible news to share with you in the coming weeks.  I know I haven’t been posting much lately – I swear there is a reason and I also swear it’s worth it.  Stay tuned!!!!!

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,



  1. I thought you DIDN'T want to call attention to yourself when bugging out. LOL

  2. Overall it’s a nice looking & functional truck. I’d have probably hung the spare tire & Jerry cans on some type of swing-away rear mount like you typically see on a Jeep, but that’s strictly a personal preference thing. I had a setup like that on a ’73 GMC short bed 4×4 (upgraded with a 4″ lift, 1-ton axles with ARB’s, 36″ PJ Dirt Grips tires, 12k Warn winch, etc…) that I used along with a slide-in pop-up camper back when I lived in Idaho. It made a really great rig for deer & elk hunting and exploring the desert back roads. Damn I miss that truck!

  3. I agree with everything you have there until the Jerry cans. Have to have them secure so that someone can not just walk by and grab them/siphon/punch a hole in and drain them. I know There is a lot of discussions on where to put them or how to store them, but having had a set of cans that were Chained and locked in cut and removed from my Toyota land Cruzer it sucks and could put you in a bad situation, never forget security.

  4. Chris Williams says:

    Awesome, Creek! I am looking for my own bug out vehicle(know where I can get a ’87 suburban 4×4 diesel?).

  5. For another lighting option, Lightforce makes lights with various removable lens options. These include red, blue, yellow and even an IR filter for use with NVG's. May be worth a look for secondary lighting. With cut-off switches installed for running and brake lights could be a good way to move at night without all of the attention.

  6. you could take the chain (and lock) that originally locked the steering wheel, and use it to (semi-) secure your $600 spare tire…

  7. Why did you pot a picture of some trees and a tire?

  8. Hey, Creek. It looks bad @ss. I had reservations about the decals. But once installed, they really break up the visual. They remind me of some of those ships in WWII, painted with zig zags to confuse the submarines.

    My BOV was a Dodge Ram 4×4 w/ posi in the rear. But I recently got momma a Durango w/ Posi. Less cargo space but more seating, better amenities and better acceleration. I think she’ll want to travel in that.

    @Strayz. I assume the Jerry cans will not be mounted for every day use, but only if he is bugging out. In which case, he ain’t gonna leave his truck unattended until he reaches his hidey hole.

  9. Justin Anthony says:

    I thought for sure the black cut outs were going to be your Creek logo. I'm not really sure what they're supposed to be now.

  10. Creek rig looking better all the time,that said,still prefer the Bronco,what can I say,I am old school!On a side did send a e-mail in regards to location request,realize your busy so not sure if still needed or not but if still looking get in touch

  11. John McKinlay says:

    I am really excited about your Bug Out Vehicle book that is coming this summer. I love your Bug Out Bag book. LMC TRUCKS sells a shelf that you install in the sun visor holes and then install your sun visor’s into the shelf. Minor, but good storage. I’m planning on buying one for my truck. Your Bug Out truck build is looking great.

  12. Love it. It came so far from the start. The only thing I don't like is the black paint/decal you added after the camo. But I'd still take it.

  13. I like your BOV project idea. Are you going to paint your cap to match the truck ?
    Back in the day, I was way ahead of my time. I had a Ford F-150 with a fiberglass cap and built an insert with a false floor for storing long guns and fishing rods, storage boxes that ran the length of the sides, over the wheel wells and another storage box that went across the front of the pickup bed. There was room for two to sleep and lots of gear…just incase you needed better shelter than a tent.

  14. looking really solid. If it’s not a secret, how much did you spend?

  15. I know i’m late to the show but i doubt you’ve ditched the truck after just 5 months, how about adding a cheap aluminum flat bottom boat to the roof (steve irwin style), and bolting a mount for a motor in the bed so you can always carry it with you? And maybe retrofit a snorkel? Just some fun ideas. best of luck man.

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