Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Chronicles: Creek’s Project BOV Truck: Series Post #3

Since my last post I’ve taken some time to do a few interior upgrades to the BOV Truck Project.  First, let me remind you of what it used to look like with a few interior photos from when I first got the old fella.


IMG_2439 IMG_2436 IMG_2435


I’ve always said to choose a BOV that is a very common make/model.  This not only helps with parts availability post collapse but certainly helps when making any upgrades or replacements in general – even during times of plenty.  I was able to find replacement door panels and a dash board for reasonable prices.  These additions quickly cleaned up the inside.


new-dash seat-before door-panel-mag-light



Next, I ordered one of those Blanket Baja Seat Covers to clean up the seat a bit.  I think it turned out pretty good.




Then, I added a few toys.  First, a driver’s side Mag-Lite / Beating Club.




Second, I added a few mounts for some firepower.  I picked up a custom under dash mount right hand draw holster for my Glock 19 from Texas Custom Holsters.  It’s pretty sweet.




Then, I added an overhead shotgun/AR rack from Big Sky Racks.




You’ll notice also that I mounted a pistol grip rechargeable spot light.  This is from StreamLight and has an infinite number of uses both in and out of a Bug Out Scenario.




On the dash I also mounted a canister of Tornado Pepper Spray.  It came with a pretty cool thumb release surface mount system.




Just below and to the right of the steering wheel I mounted a Midland CB.  I’m a big CB fan and it’s one communication tool that myself and the others in my Bug Out Convoy will use to keep in touch while in route.




In the center console I mounted a fire extinguisher and custom aluminum billet quick release mount from H3R Performance.






I also picked up an X-Grip cell phone window mount from Ram Mounts.  If the cell service works, great.  If not, I still have off-line maps loaded that can be used independently of cell and internet connections.  If you haven’t considered a Smart Phone App that allows off-line navigation, you may want to think about it.  The one I use with my DROID is called CoPilot GPS.  It does not require cell or wifi connections and is not Google Maps dependent.




The military used a chain that is bolted to the floor under the driver’s seat to lock the steering wheel to prevent theft.  I picked up a pad-lock for that as well.  Simple but effective anti-theft tool.




I’ve still got several interior upgrades planned, including dash mount 12V and USB charger ports, but I thought I’d share a quick update of what I’ve done so far.  The interior is looking pretty darn good – especially considering what I started with.

You’re not going to believe what you see in the next post!  I’m taking the exterior of this truck to a completely new level.  I know I should keep it plain but I just can’t stand it 🙂

Be well and Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

As always, thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,




  1. LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!!

  2. Muito legal

  3. love it and im a chevy guy love it more!! sweet stuff, that you added,flash lt. on door !!! do you think its big-enuff? ha ha ha love it bang up job!!!

  4. Kevin Widner says:

    Used to work on these CUCV's all the time when I was in the army, now they are just about all gone. They were rock solid, and I actually liked them better than the HMMV's as they are much more conferrable with the bench seat (or caption chairs if you get the blazer version, or swap them out for the blazer seats) and just run forever.

    I'd take a look at the Bank's Sidewinder kit for the 6.2, it would give you a little more HP and Torque, but would mostly work at giving you more even performance no matter the altitude, and a little better MPG. Though I wouldn't do any crazy engine mods past that, maybe a mild injector increase at most. As the 6.2s run great (forever) until you start trying to really supe up the HP/Torque with larger injectors and more fuel into the cylinders.

    Also think about getting Rhino bed liner onto the floor board, inside the fender wells, and bed below your cap as it'll make things quieter, easier to clean, and most important protect the floor, fenders, bed from rust and rub damage.

  5. Ty Gladden says:

    Is that a form of Desert Camo I see on the hood? 😉

  6. It may just be a weird angle on the first holster shot, but does the pistol fit in there that close to the CB?

  7. Looking good, I really like the extinguisher mount and mag lite mounts! There are M4 mounts behind the seat belts on these trucks, looks like you’re missing one.

    I just picked mine up, drove it home from St. Louis in that bad storm a couple weeks ago, even had a tornado drop on the road right in front of me in Lebanon! Truck is in great shape, all original 40k miles, great foundation!

    My biggest project is to either add larger tires or swap out an OD trans to drop the engine rpm and be able to run 60-70 mph which these cannot do stock w/o stressing the motor. Keep the updates coming! I’d post a pick of mine, but not sure how.

    • Charles Tozer says:

      All looks great! Only thing i would change, and just because I’ve seen it before, is add a longer chain to the steering wheel and make sure you wrap it around each side a cpl. of times. Reason being: those old steering wheels can be cut through with a batt. powered saws-all in seconds!! If they have to cut each side of wheel, less likely to be able to drive it with the wheel all hacked up, (those older wheels also come off very easy, and are simply replaced!)

  8. like it so far – keep us updated

  9. This is awesome! We had a 1985 Chevy Blazer for our first BOV but we are thinking of switching it up to a more modernized truck. We can’t decide what to do at this point but these are some great ideas to get us on the right track.

  10. Ty Gladden says:

    You can look into Quick Detatch steering wheels. Something like what the compaany NRG sells. Its hard to drive a truck that has no steering wheel. Not many thiefs walk around carrying a spare steering wheel with a correct NRG adaptor hub with them. Nor can they drive your vehicle with a pair of vice grips. Haha.

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