APOCABOX Holiday Survival Challenge Series: Challenge #1 – Christmas Tree Survival Bow

Challenge Series Overview

As APOCABOX subscribers already know, a big part of each box is completing my Survival Skills Challenge issued in each box.  Unlike the APOCABOX Survival Skills Challenge, this survival skills challenge series is open for everyone to participate.  I’ve teamed up with two survival buddies of mine (Hank Gevedon of Reptile Toolworks and Dave Mead of Mead Longbows) to issue a series of THREE Survival Skills Challenges to take place in between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  The purpose of this challenge series is to not only hone your survival skills but to also utilize holiday products/materials that might traditionally be thrown away.  As I always say, your most important survival skill is the ability to IMPROVISE.  These challenges will call upon those skills and hopefully strengthen them.

And, YES, there are awesome prizes.  Prize details and descriptions below.

Challenge #1: Christmas Tree Survival Bow


If you have a live cut Christmas tree in your home this season, this challenge just may be for you!  Rather than throw the tree away or burn it, how about making a fully functional survival BOW from it.  Yes, a very effective survival bow can be made from the trunk of your live cut Christmas tree!

Challenge Instructions, Tips & Tricks

STEP 1:  Drag the tree outside and chop off all the limbs flush with the trunk.  It will look something similar to the illustration below.


STEP 2: Collect anything you can use for lashings and bowstrings later – ribbons, bows, wrapping twine, etc.



If the tree trunk is over 2” in diameter for the majority of its length your best bet is to split it in half down its length.  Once split, work with the best half.  You will still have a stave that has one small end and one fat end.  If small end is approximately ½ – ¾ inch thick and larger end is approximately 1 – 1 ½ inches thick then string it up and give it a go.  If you are dealing with a much larger tree you can split it a second time or just do some serious tapering on the ends.  The goal is to get the ends to match.


Another option is to split the trunk, flip the pieces and lash the two fat ends together with a 5-6 inch overlap.


If somehow you have a tree that is only 1 inch in diameter you can string it up & try as is – OR – cut it in half, split one half longways and lash the fat ends together with a 5-6 inch overlap.



*It’s very common for a bow to end up asymmetrical with a longer top limb.  To compensate, simply grip the bow below center.

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Myself, Hank and Dave will be the judges of the completed bow photos submitted for the challenge.  As you can see by the prize details below, there will be three prizes awarded per challenge: an overall winner, a runner up and an honorable mention.  To enter, you must submit a photo of your improvised Christmas Tree Survival Bow using one of the following:

1:  SUBMIT on INSTRAGRAM using the hash-tags: #apocabox AND #holidaysurvivalchallenge

2: Post photo on the APOCABOX FACEBOOK page at: http://www.facebook.com/apocabox

3: Email photo to me at creek@creekstewart.com if you don’t use social media

CHALLENGE DURATION:  Challenge starts 12/25/15 and Submission deadline for this challenge is 1/01/16.  Prizes will be announced on 1/02/16.

PRIZE DESCRIPTIONS (All prizes must be mailed to someone 18 years of age or older):




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Good luck!  2 more Holiday Survival Challenges to be announced in the coming days!

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