EXTREMA Survival Course

No buildings.  No showers.  No running water.  No prepared food.  No modern amenities.  No kidding.

8 person limit.

This is the most extreme survival course we offer.  If you are looking for an unfiltered 3 day survival experience in the woods with very limited gear, then EXTREMA is the course for you.  EXTREMA is structured differently from our other survival courses in that you learn survival skills in EXTREMA by using them to meet true basic survival needs: SHELTER, WATER, FIRE & FOOD.



LOCATION: Anderson, IN – our 21 Acre Survival Training Property
Instructors: Creek Stewart 
Arrival & Set-up: Thursday 12 noon – Friday 10am
Survival Instruction: Friday 10am – Sunday 12 pm
Departure & Tear Down: Sunday 12 pm
  • Adult Price (18+ yrs old): $300 Each (plus applicable local and state taxes)
  • Minor Price (Minimum 16 yrs old): $150 Each (plus applicable local and state taxes)
  • You can cancel for a FULL REFUND up until 14 days before the event.  There will be a $100 cancellation fee per person after that.

 What can I expect to learn at EXTREMA?

  • How to make a Primitive Survival Shelter: You will sleep in this shelter for 2 nights
  • Learn shelter building basics including different shelter designs and best materials to use
  • How to make Primitive Survival Fire:  This course will have a heavy focus in starting and building fire using a  variety of primitive methods including Bow Drill, Hand Drill and Flint/Steel.  You will come out of EXTREMA with many important fire building skills.
  • You must build a fire using primitive tools in order to PURIFY your own water gathered from natural sources.
  • You must build a fire using primitive tools in order to COOK your food gathered from the wild
  • Learn how to identify and harvest seasonal wild edibles
  • Learn how to source, weave and use natural cordage
  • Learn primitive fishing skills including how to make a primitive fish spear, how to make a fish trap and how to carve and bait a bone fishing gorge
  • Learn key Water Purification methods
  • Learn how to cook wild gathered & caught foods by using a primitive spit roast and earth oven.
  • You will also learn how to field dress and cook a small game animal.  Animal type varies depending on the course.  This is an OPTIONAL part of the course.
  • Learn how to make a primitive frog gig



Course FAQs:

Do I need to have any Survival Experience to attend a Primitive Hunter Clinic?
Yes, you should have some outdoor experience.  This is NOT an ENTRY LEVEL survival course.  Whether you are new to the concept of survival training or have years of experience – everyone will learn survival skills.  You should be able to go for extended periods of time without eating. 
Do I need to bring my own food for the meals not provided?
You will only eat what you gather from the wild.
Can kids come?
Our minimum age for EXTREMA is 16 years of age.  All students under 18 yrs of age must be accompanied by an Adult.
Can I camp?
You will stay the 2 nights in a primitive shelter that you build.
 Do you have shower and restroom facilities?
Yes, but you won’t be using them. 
Do you provide any evening entertainment or activities?
You will be too busy meeting your basic survival needs. 
Do I need to bring and gear or items with me?
Yes, we will provide you the materials list in your Course Information packet (mailed 1 month prior to your course date).  It is not an extensive list at all.  We provide most everything you will need.  
Do I need to sign a waiver to take the course?
Yes, we do require that all students sign a Waiver of Liability.  It is a very basic standard form that you would expect to see with any adventure themed course or event.  It will be included with a self addressed stamped envelope in your Course Information Packet after final payment and registration.  Because we will be working outside with primitive tools we take every measure to ensure a safe and responsible training environment.  Each course begins with a Risks and Tool Safety Discussion.
Are there any items I cannot bring to the course?
Yes, we do not allow alcohol, illegal drugs, or pets at any of our training clinics.  Smoking is allowed but not inside of the lodge.  
I am traveling from far away, do you have travel information?
Yes, here is the link: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/travel-directions/

Any questions?  E-mail creek@willowhavenoutdoor.com

Find your EXTREMA.  Coming 2013….

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