Custom Survival & Preparedness Courses

A Note from Creek:

We live in a society driven by individuality and customization.  From t-shirts to coffee to cars – we want it designed especially for us.  I am in the business of teaching Survival Skills.  I am also in the Customer Service business.  It is my goal that our course attendees have an amazing experience while at Willow Haven and LEARN life-saving skills while they are here.  With that said, I can absolutely customize and design a Survival Related Course specifically for you or your group.  Obviously, it’s more expensive with just 1 person (but I’ve had people do it).  It’s better with a group around 10-15 people.  Average price ends up being about $350 per person + travel expenses getting to our facility in Anderson, IN.  I also regularly travel and Guest Speak on topics related to survival and disaster preparedness.



So if you have something in mind, shoot me an e-mail at  Below are some past Customized Survival Course Ideas:

Survival Bachelor Party

12 Guys from Iowa came out and took a custom survival course as a Bachelor Party Weekend.  They also offered the groom tips about surviving marriage 🙂  We focused on skills surrounding the 4 Key Survival Elements: SHELTER, WATER, FIRE and FOOD.

Corporate GET HOME BAG Course

I was contacted by a corporation who wanted to offer their employees the option to take a GET HOME BAG training course.  Spurred by the events of 9-11, many companies/employees in larger cities began to consider keeping some basic survival supplies at work in what’s commonly referred to as a GET HOME BAG.  This was a company who put their money where their mouth is and split the course & travel cost with the employees who were interested in the training.

Wild Edibles Week-Day Course

One couple contacted me specifically about wild edibles.  They weren’t so interested in survival training – but rather Wild Edible Plant Identification and Preparation.  We were able to schedule a 2-Day Week Day Course at a very reasonable price.

Long story short, if you have an idea – run it by me.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


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