A Big Survival Thank You!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say THANK YOU to so many of you picked up a copy of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide.  The launch week has been a huge success!  As I’m writing this message, my books currently sit in spots #1, #2 and #3 on the Amazon Best Sellers list for the Survival Skills Category which is an amazing feat.  It certainly would not have happened without many of you spreading the word and helping out.  I’m very humbled and I really appreciate it.





I’ll do my best to keep putting out survival and preparedness content worthy of your time.

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


PS – If anyone is going to the BLADE Show / Living Ready Expo in Atalnta, GA this next weekend be sure to stop by my presentation at 1pm on Saturday and say hello.  I’d love to meet you!  CLICK HERE for more info on that!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Creek Joins WorldNetDaily (WND.COM) as Weekly Survival Commentator

Whether it’s the car breaking down on a deserted stretch of road or the national infrastructure breaking down because of economic disaster, are you prepared to survive when all goes wrong?

You don’t have to wait until it’s too late to get ready.

Beginning today exclusively on WND’s Diversions page, nationally recognized survival expert Creek Stewart will be bringing a weekly column called “Not if, but when” to help equip you for the worst.

“In our daily hustle and bustle, it’s easy not to consider or plan for the ‘what ifs’ in life,” Stewart told WND. “But whether caused by nature or man, real disasters happen to real people on a regular basis. I believe with all of my heart that each of us will confront at least one survival event in our lifetime that will require us to use limited available resources and self-reliant skills to meet basic human-survival needs.

“I have dedicated my life to the teaching and practice of survival and disaster-preparedness skills,” Stewart continued. “Whether a thought-provoking reaction to a current event or a brief tutorial teaching an important self-reliant skill, my column will always remind you to pause and ask yourself, ‘What if?’”

Click here to read the debut column of Creek Stewart’s “Not if, but when!”

Stewart is the owner and founder of Willow Haven Outdoor Survival & Preparedness Training Facility in central Indiana. An experienced survival instructor backed by thousands of man-hours in the field, he has been featured on “Fox & Friends,” MensFitness.com and Discovery.com and is the author of “Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag” and the upcoming “The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide,” expected in spring 2013.

Get your copy of “Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag” from the WND Superstore!

“Natural disasters are more violent, more frequent and more deadly than ever before in my life. Our national and global economy is becoming increasingly unstable. Combine these facts with strong political, religious and racial tension, and it’s no surprise why many people feel very uneasy,” Stewart told WND. “If you aren’t concerned about your future, then you are in complete denial. I will close each column with a phrase that I truly believe: ‘Remember, it’s not if, but when.”

Stewart also told WND he is “honored and thrilled” to partner with WND.

“I appreciate WND’s commitment to preserving and protecting that which is at the core to survival: individual freedom and liberty,” Stewart said. “Self-reliant skills deserve a stage in legitimate media, and I am humbled to be that voice at WND.”

Look for Stewart’s latest, “It’s time America redeclared independence,” now and his “Not if, but when” column every Wednesday on WND’s Diversions page.

A Quick Willow Haven Update & The Preparedness Review

Hello Everyone – remember me?  It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve got a couple of ICONIC survival posts in the pipeline that I’m excited to share with you.  I’m hoping to have them ready within the next month or so.  You don’t want to miss these!


Willow Haven Update

We have had a crazy fall here at Willow Haven and there are a lot of exciting projects in the works.  Much of the 2013 Schedule is On-Line here: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/survival-course-and-event-calendar/  I’m really excited about our course offerings in 2013.  We’ve added a few to the mix including a Primitive Hunter Course and also a SurviVacation II for all of you who have already attended our standard SurviVacation Course.  We’ve also added a special Survival Workshop event in January called the Trade Blanket Reunion.  2013 is going to be a great year to visit Willow Haven.  I look forward to many of you returning for further training and also training with new students.


The Preparedness Review

My friend Todd Sepulveda who runs Prepper Website (www.prepperwebsite.com) just launched a pretty cool FREE preparedness resource web-site called The Preparedness Review (www.thepreparednessreview.com).  The Preparedness Review is a free downloadable PDF document that includes articles written by several top survival personalities.  The 1st Issue was just made available for download.  I have an article in the first issue titled: Jerusalem Artichoke: It’s not from Jerusalem and it’s not an Artichoke, but it should be in your Survival Garden.  If you enjoy reading a variety of preparedness and survival articles I’d suggest taking a look at The Preparedness Review.  And, it’s FREE – can’t beat that.


The Storm of the Century

Willow Haven has many friends on the East Coast – both former students and on-line friends.  To all of you who are now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


Willow Haven Haversacks In Stock

Introducing 3 New Styles of Willow Haven Haversacks.  100% Cotton Canvas Haversack Forage Bag.  48″ Shoulder Strap.  Approx. 11″ x 11″.    Priced $16.99 in the WHO STORE HERE.

550 Paracord: $8 for 100 Foot Hank

550 7-Strand Paracord
Only $8.00 / 100 Foot Hank
15 + Colors
Military Spec
Made in USA


ATTN: Indianapolis Area: Creek holding Primitive Natural Cordage Course 9/5

This class will be taught as a part of Indianapolis Tradeschool: http://tradeschool.coop/Indianapolis/class  The concept of Indianapolis Tradeschool is that rather than pay to attend a class, students barter (trade) instead.  Instructors ask for other items, rather than money.  In this case, Creek is asking that all students bring 1 Dead Flower Stalk from the center of a YUCCA Plant as barter for the class.  Don’t know what YUCCA is?  Here’s a photo below:


For more information about Indianapolis Tradeschool and to REGISTER for the class, please visit: http://tradeschool.coop/Indianapolis/class


Course Description

Primitive Natural Cordage: In modern society, we take rope and cord for granted. Our primitive ancestors relied on cordage for survival. In this class, learn how to make usable cordage from plant and tree fibers. Learn the basics of natural fiber cordage and also a special skill for hand-weaving your own cordage in a survival situation. Instructor: Creek Stewart from http://willowhavenoutdoor.com

Location: Indianapolis City Market 222 East Market Street – Indianapolis

Time: 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

Creek Discusses SURVIVAL FASHION ACCESSORIES on WISH-TV 8 Indianapolis

August 2nd – WISH-TV Indianapolis

Watch as Creek Stewart discusses how you can incorporate SURVIVAL FASHION ACCESSORIES into your every day wardrobe on WISH-TV 8 Indianapolis.

Survival Fashion Accessories

WISH-TV : IndyStyle : Creek Demonstrates 3 Ways a Tampon could SAVE your LIFE.

I was interviewed on the show IndyStyle yesterday on WISH-TV about my FAVORITE survival TOPIC – TAMPONS!  You’ll have to check out the interview in the link below:


On a side note – I wore a shirt just for you guys.  Check it out!

That’s my SHOUT-OUT to all you survivalists out there – GOT EMBER?

Remember, it’s not IF but WHEN,


You’re Invited to the Willow Haven Outdoor Spring Open House!


Click here to RSVP: http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/events/willow-haven-outdoor-open-house-creek-stewart-book-signing/

OUTDOOR LIFE Magazine posts book review for Creek’s new book!

Every book review is important to me.  The book has gotten some great reviews from customers on Amazon.com.  I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from people who have attended my book signings in the past couple of months.  Now, some of the ‘high profile’ reviews are starting to roll in from outdoor magazines, survival blogs and other survival media outlets.  I was pretty excited when I heard about a review that went live on-line today.

Tim MacWelch, survival expert for Outdoor Life Magazine, says my new book Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag is realistic, contains legitimate skills and will be helpful to people!

Tim’s review just posted on OutdoorLife.com at : http://survival.outdoorlife.com/blogs/survivalist/2012/06/survival-book-review-build-perfect-bug-out-bag  Check it out!

Below is a quote from the review:

My next question was, “Does the book contain legitimate skills?”

Again, the answer is yes. The author obviously knows his stuff. Many of the skills explained in the book are presented the same way that I teach them. Creek Stewart has been teaching survival roughly the same amount of time that I have—about 15 years—and it shows. His ease in providing explanations and his turn of phrase show a level of experience that cannot be faked.