BOB MMXII: Bug Out Bag 2012

Welcome to BOB MMXII at Willow Haven Outdoor in Anderson, IN – the most comprehensive Bug Out Bag training on the planet!

This course is designed after Creek’s best selling book: Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit.  The pages come to life in this HANDS-ON 3-Day action packed Survival Clinic!

I am celebrating the release of my new book by dedicating several of our courses in 2012 to Bug Out Training.  2012 is officially THE YEAR OF THE BUG OUT at Willow Haven Outdoor and I have designed an incredible action-packed 3-Day Training Clinic titled BOB MMXII which stands for BUG OUT BAG 2012.  BOB MMXII will be held throughout the summer and fall of 2012 at Willow Haven – our 21-acre Indoor & Outdoor Training Retreat located in Anderson, Indiana.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about what we’ve got planned for the BOB MMXII Clinics.  BOB MMXII  is designed specifically around PREPARING, ASSEMBLING, UNDERSTANDING and USING a Bug Out Bag.  It will be the most comprehesive and ‘hands-on’ Bug Out Bag Training Course in the world.  You WILL NOT be disappointed.  Below is an outline of what you can expect to EXPERIENCE at BOB MMXII:

Clinic Days/Times: Thursday-Sunday (specific dates TBA)
LOCATION: Anderson, IN – our 21 Acre Survival Training Property
Arrival & Camp Set Up: Thursday 12 noon – Friday 10AM
Departure: Sunday 12 noon
Price: $375 for Adults, $150 for Minors (17 and under) (plus applicable local and state taxes)
Price Includes: All instruction, Lodging, Dinner Fri & Sat, Creek’s New Book (Signed of course), WillowHaven Tee, Several Survival Related Gifts
**You can cancel for a FULL REFUND up until 14 days before the event.  There will be a $100 cancellation fee per person after that.
ATTN MEDIA:  We do have special MEDIA pricing for outlets covering the course in news articles or TV.


The clinic will begin with an intro to Bugging Out and Bug Out Philosophy.  We will discuss everything from what might cause a Bug Out Scenario to different styles of Bug Out Bags (BOBs).  We will also introduce the 12 key supply categories of a Bug Out Bag:

  • Water & Hydration
  • Food & Food Preparation
  • Shelter & Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Fire
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene
  • Tools
  • Lighting
  • Communications
  • Protection & Self Defense
  • Miscellaneous Supplies


This is  hands-on clinic.  Much of your time will be spent ‘in-the-field’ learning and understanding best practices in using and and applying Bug Out Skill Sets.  Below is a short list of skills you can expect to learn or enhance while at BOB MMXII:

  • Water Collection & Filtration (Modern & Crude/Improvised Methods)
  • Fire Building Skills (Prepwork, Ignition Devises, Tricks & Tips, Theory)
  • Shelter (Emergency shelters using Garbage Bags, Mylar Blankets & Tarps as well as Primitive Sheltering)
  • Rope work & Knots
  • Bug Out Cooking and Food Preparation
  • Navigation (Modern, Primitive and Improvised methods)
  • Emergency Signaling


Willow Haven Outdoor is equipped with an abandoned home on premises that we use as our Urban Survival Classroom.  This ‘POST-DISASTER’ abandoned building allows us to teach how even a destroyed and abandoned home can be exploited for survival resources.
Willow Haven Post-Disaster 'Urban Classroom'

Willow Haven Post-Disaster 'Urban Classroom'


Other Willow Haven Clinic High-Lights

  • Saturday Night Outdoor Bug Out Movie in the lawn
  • Dinner Provided Friday & Saturday
  • Camp Outside or stay in the Willow Haven Bunk Room
  • Indoor Showers & Bathrooms
  • Shop the WHO Survival Store
  • Evening Camp Fires
  • Explore our Beautiful 21-Acre Training Grounds with trails, large creek and ravines.
Outdoor Stage for 'Bug-Out' Movies
Outdoor Stage for ‘Bug-Out’ Movies
Clinic Dates ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Click here for DATES and REGISTRATION FORM.


Do I need to have a Bug Out Bag to attend BOB MMXII?
No, you do not.  You will need to bring a variety of items to use in field exercises (this list provided after you register) but you do not have to have a complete Bug Out Bag.  If you already have one, we’d love for you to bring it with you and share your ‘build’ with the group.
Do I need to bring my own food for the meals not provided?
You can either bring your own meals or you can go pick something up in town.  While you will feel completely secluded at our retreat, we are conveniently located only 5 miles from many restaurants and convenience stores in Anderson, IN.  You are more than welcome to bring camp meals and a cooler to prepare your own meals at your camp-site.  You can also use our kitchen as well which has a range, fridge w/ freezer and microwave.  We also have prepackaged snacks & drinks available at a nominal fee.
Can kids come?
Yes, this is a family friendly clinic.  We do ask that children be at least 10 years of age, however.  All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Can I camp?
Yes, we have 21 acres.  Just find a spot.  Most course attendees camp.  We have several designated camping areas or you can make your own ‘back-country’ style.  We do have an indoor bunk house as well and several private bunk rooms.  You will need to bring your own pillow, linens and blankets.  ‘Loaner’ wool blankets are provided.
Do you have shower and restroom facilities?
Yes.  We have all of the modern amenities.  Both the Men and Ladies restrooms are equipped with a shower and, of course, hot water.
Do you provide any evening entertainment or activities?
Each Saturday night we show an outdoor Bug Out Movie (weather permitting).  We also have an awesome lodge with fireplace, seating area, television and all of the survival materials you could possibly want.  You can read our books and magazines, practice knot-tying, use our knife sharpening station or just hang out by the fire place and chat with other like-minded preppers.  You can also shop the WHO Survival Store.  We also have a large outdoor campfire ring.  This is certainly an evening ‘watering-hole’ for many.
Main Campfire Ring

Main Campfire Ring

What’s the difference between the SurviVacation & BOBMMXII?
The BOB MMXII skills are primarily gear related.  This course is specifically about preparing and using a Bug Out Bag to meet basic survival needs in a disaster scenario.  Thus, most of the survival skills taught are related to using the gear in a BOB.  Primitive survival skills will be discussed but they will not be the focus.  The SurviVacation is not so gear based.  It is more principle based and the focus will be how to meet basic shelter, water, fire and food needs using primitive methods primarily.  However, this is also infused with some modern techniques for meeting these needs as well.  If you are looking for a more authentic “survival” experience then you will want to attend the SurviVacation.  If you are really into prepping a BOB for a large scale disaster then the BOBMMXII is the one you should choose.
Do I need to bring and gear or items with me?
Yes, we will provide you the materials list in your Course Information packet (mailed 1 month prior to your course date).  It is not an extensive list at all.  We provide most everything you will need.  Your “bring with you list” is comprised mainly of your own personal items such as sleeping bag, shower items, clothing, etc…
Do I need to sign a waiver to take the course?
Yes, we do require that all students sign a Waiver of Liability.  It is a very basic standard form that you would expect to see with any adventure themed course or event.  It will be included with a self addressed stamped envelope in your Course Information Packet after final payment and registration.  Bacause we will be working outside with primitive tools we take every measure to ensure a safe and responsible training environment.  Each course begins with a Risks and Tool Safety Discussion.
Are there any items I cannot bring to the course?
Yes, we do not allow alcohol, illegal drugs, pets or firearms at any of our training clinics.  Smoking is allowed but not inside of the lodge.

 Any questions?  E-mail or call 317-703-9655